Following the requests of fans and fellow producers, Canadian producer GeeohhS crafted a beat utilizing the notorious Home Depot jingle. After gaining traction on Twitter, the beat caught the eye of Eyekeem, and despite the unorthodox origins and nature of the beat, both Eyekeem and GeeohhS came together to craft one of the most astute, but surprisingly hard songs on Soundcloud with “Home Depot Anthem.”

Anybody who has fallen victim to excessive advertising on Youtube, or has recently watched a college football game, has heard The Home Depot jingle. It is strangely undeniable, making use of fluid guitar plucks and a corresponding bass line. 

GeeohhS makes use of the samples catchiest portion, and constructs a minimalistic, but effective loop. Coupled with a heavy-handed 808, subtle rim shots, and an exquisite array of closed and open hats, the beat comes together perfectly, providing space for Eyekeem and remaining keenly focused. 

As for Eyekeem, his clever wordplay and dashes of humor give the track a fun, lighthearted vibe, while still maintaining a confident and brash edge. This is evident when he says:

Play that bitch off, I need some pliers please // Buddy bought nails, he ain’t tryna screw with me

Metaphors like this run throughout the whole track, and showcase Eyekeem’s ability to craft tracks that appeal to lyrical sticklers and ragers alike. 

“Home Depot Anthem” has already garnered praise and momentum in the few days since its release. The primary sample, despite its brevity, is catchy and infectious, and gives the track a silky groove. It is safe to say the duo nailed this one, and repeated releases like this could make for a dynamic pairing for years to come.