Soundcloud has always been a place where people are constantly trying new things; experimentation is something that always made it something interesting and worthwhile to look for new artists. Maybe among any of his peers, Ericdoa is a perfect example of that notion. The 17 year old artist is making music to convey his emotions instead of letting it get bottled up.

We recently sat down for a discussion on numerous topics, ranging from his future plans to how he gets through every day as it stands right now.

So who are you and what do you do?

My name is Ericdoa and I’m from Connecticut, I’ve been living here for my entire life. It’s home, but it’s a hell state. I’m an artist and I’ve been making music for about a year and a half now and probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Also I want a girlfriend so bad please.

How did you start rapping?

I started making music when I was 14. I was using a guitar hero mic and audacity cause I wanted to be Joey Bada$$ so bad, I started digging through soundcloud and found the current scene. The first artist I found was HellaSketchy (May he rest in peace). After finding the scene, I started making cover art for people and also started doing journalism along with that. After I was doing that for a while, I wanted to do something for myself, so I started making music with my cousin during the summer of 2018. 

Who are some of your early influences?

Outside of the two artists I touched on earlier, I’d have to say i get a lot of inspiration from indie bands like hibou, plums, and tame impala. Along with that I also get some from Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and Ellie Goulding.

How do you think you compare to early influences now that you’ve been making music for sometime?

I’m still growing. The toughest part about it that I always want something more, I want to make the best music I can possible.

Your old music is very different from the sound you’re doing now. How did you get to your current sound?

I recorded a song called “Dismay” when I was at a bad point in my life and it becoming something that I used to cope. Music has always been something I’ve loved and using it has helped mental state. 

How does the recording process ususally go for you?

Usually I go through my email. Inspiration is a key play when I make a song. I have to feel something before I can make something. I find a beat a like then sing along to the melody of the beat and get a feel for it before I start rapping. I usually write down my lyrics before I go in and record, punching in isn’t something I do often.

Who are you listening to right now?

I’ve been listening to Angelus, SEBii, David shawty, a lot of Daniel Caesar, Mochila and Rip Eternal. Oddly enough, also a lot of Adele. Everyone I’ve met through this scene is extremely talented and using them as inspiration has led me forward to a better understanding of music.

Here is a small selection of Ericdoa’s music.

What is your overall goal musically?

(My) overall goal is it to make the best music I possibly can, to make it something that I want to do. Something that makes me happy. Support people around me is also something I want to do.

Do you see yourself doing anything outside of rapping? Maybe producing or engineering in the future?

Yes! I’m excited to see what the future holds and hopefully I can do that in the future with some of my peers.

What’s your favorite song that you’ve made and why?

As of this interview, I’ve made a R&B track that’s unreleased song, it’s something different from the sound that’s I’ve had for the last couple of months and I want to make something that’s different from what’s going on in the scene.

What are your thoughts on collectives? Do they bring anything good to the scene or is something that’s just not for you?

I like collectives. They’re the base of people that you can travel, make music, and be like family with. I can see however why someone people want to stay by themselves and do their own thing though.

Would you ever see yourself joining a collective and if you could join any one of them which would it be?

Yes and if i could be in any of them, it would probably be Neilaworld.I’m already friends with a lot of the producers and artists in there. I recently linked with them during UVC ATL show and they were nothing but nice. They treated me like family.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I see myself possible being the world’s most ignorant artist. A problematic favorite. All jokes aside, being happy and making the music I want to make, along with having the ability to the things I want and not having anything holding me back.

Anyone you want to give a quick shoutout to as we end this interview?

Shoutout Loro, UVC, David Shawty, Glasear, my mom, my bunny, lil xelly, and everyone in the scene making it possible for me being able to do what I want to do.

Shortly after this interview was conducted, Eric did end up joining Neilaworld. Make sure to stream his latest track “Disappointment” through the link below: