J.Cast – real name Jaime Castrillon – is a New Jersey/New York artist  whose sound ranges from pop punk to basic pop in its purest form. 

He is a part of a rising collective in the scene known as Cryptic Collective that consists of over fourteen artists from different countries who all specialize in different genres. 

He differs from the standard “soundcloud rapper” based purely on his lyrical content — straying from the significantly more sad underbelly of the platform into more upbeat melodies that tend to put the listener in a better mood. Most of his content begins completely off-top, and he then mixes and masters it for a more natural sound. His flow and overall energy on every track is a nice detour from the listless and sometimes lazy flow of other artists. 

His newest offering “Away” embodies everything said above and more. The energy in this song is just one to have fun with and vibe with — a complete escape from reality. Though the lyrical content is standard from a spectacle, the entire track remains solid just based off of its catchy appeal.

Delving deep into his discography will let any listener know that his entire catalog is far from lacking. Nearly every track is  well crafted, catchy, and mixed and mastered artfully by his own means, which makes the feat that much more impressive.

Missing out on this substantial catalog should not be an option; run it up before it is far too late to be ahead of the game.