Through a myriad of past singles that have simultaneously displayed an artistic evolution in its purest form, and one of calculated steps towards the creation of unparalleled styles and mantras, Damon Rush has been slowly building a world of sounds all to his own. His latest single “Armistice” is not only the peak of this gradual incline thus far, it is the catalyst for what is to come. 

This is a single that finds itself bearing that title in both conventional and unconventional means alike. It somehow compels the pop sensibilities of the contemporary music scene while also being a tellingly bold and multi-layered sequences of passages that would never function as a proper single in the aforementioned landscape. This effort is daring, risky, and unsecured in practice, yet Damon astoundingly pulls off the accomplishment with grace and adequacy. 

Given that the track is divided into multiple “sections” as they are over a distinctly short runtime, the entire listening experience feels like a thrill ride through an undiscovered environment. This exactly the sentiment that the young visionary meant to convey; it is an experience that is supposed to drum up a plethora of feelings and emotions never felt before through the means of music. 

And remarkably, he punctuates this by doing so with those familiar pop sensibilities as previously mentioned. Seldom examples come to mind when thinking of a track that is equally as daring and boundary-pushing as it is simple and fundamental, and it is even more rare to observe both of these aspects combining to create an entirely new experience. 

The track sees a sporadic flurry of punctual, static-filled noises overlay a set of richly dense synth leads that keep the track as balanced as it is chaotic. Within its multiple phases, the listener is provided as many noisey breakdowns as they are grooving and bouncy intervals — both of which having multiple different structural instances respectively. 

Damon himself delivers an equally convincing vocal performance, which sees him cycling through passionately high-pitch beltings and rapid verses nearly akin to full-on rapping. Each manner of articulation nestles itself comfortably into wherever the instrumental is at the time, a feat that should not be understated considering the madness of it all.

But that madness is exactly what makes this song more than just a short piece of IDM. It is the entrance to a new world — a world that has not even been fully developed yet seems so clear. No one delivers with the same shock and awe as Damon does with each successive single, and let it be known that this track is just a small and simple facet in a world that will soon blossom even further.