For the majority of the 2010s, Oliver Francis has proven himself to be a true trailblazer in the overall development of the well-established sounds we know today in the underground. The cloud rap and trap pioneer has released numerous projects that have come to inspire a number of initiators and influencers alike, none quite having the exact same charm as the established MC.  

His latest effort is presumably his final of the decade, and it is an entirely fitting one at that. The Adventures Of Oliver Francis serves as a perfect tribute to the sounds and trends that have come to define the modern rap scene — all wrapped up in a 30 minute send-off of a listen.

In a decision that reflects his career ethos as it has come to be known, Oliver does not attempt to make a stark departure from the formula that has worked so well for him on past projects. Instead, he employs his consistently braggadocious, infectious, and distinctly confident delivery over a number of equally consistent instrumentals — all of which are characteristic of past offerings.

Perhaps these aspects would make for a stale listen if utilized by other artists, but the way in which they are carried out throughout this project in particular actually works in the listening experience’s favor. He accomplishes this by simply delivering on the aforementioned theme of the album; a “love-letter” of sorts to modern rap trends. Seldom acts have the staying power and corresponding credentials to effectively pull-off something like this over the course of an entire release, but it is no secret that Oliver has established these facets in full. 

Exemplified greatly through tracks such as “I Like” and “Non Stop” – both of which showcasing a number of references and stylistic callbacks to both trap-based tropes both new and old – the tracklist takes the listener through what can only be described as the “essential” Oliver experience. 

Though 2020 and a proceeding new era quickly approach the music landscape as a whole, there is still time to look back on the features that have decade so iconic. For an adequate and principle retelling of all of these aspects delivered in a lively and jovial fashion, look no further than the latest from the legend of the game.