The femme-C that best epitomizes the word “badass” has done it again. Saphir just dropped her newest somber alternative track “Fate” — and it is the perfect way to cap off the highly successful year for the California artist.

The song begins with single murky guitar chords, then advances into a full on grunge melody. 

With gloomy guitar riffs provided by Jay Vee that slowly build up as the track progresses, her euphoric and strong vocals perfectly correspond with the rise. This makes for a tellingly atmospheric listen top to bottom. 

One of the biggest highlights of the track is Saphir’s extremely emotional bridge:

“I crossed borders and streams to swim // you dug me in gold with all your sins

She explained this line in greater detail with a further statement: 

“This song is about how you can overly sacrifice for someone when you are too blinded by love; and how people are aware of the value in others but chooses to bury (their) good qualities with their own personal bad traits.” 

While Saphir belts out poetic, sentimental lyrics about painfully loving somebody, the song gradually builds up with a hard-core electric guitar riff, and then ends on a gritty note. 

In its entirety, Saphir lays down a melodious alternative tune about sacrifice and the pain love brings. She does an astonishing job providing intimate, passionate lyrics blended into an electrifying sound with a sharp edge of grit and hardiness. It is safe to say that the always consistent artist will only bring even greater drops to the table in the ever-approaching new year.