Following his recent arrest and release from jail, Neno Ba$h returns with “Kill Diana,” a braggadocious, yet reflectively hedonistic track detailing his trials and approach to conflict. With production courtesy of GeeohhS, Neno effortlessly rides the track, rarely pausing to take a breath and maintaining a catchy, relentless flow.

Despite the production being blatantly repetitive, the track’s minimalistic nature allows for Neno to shine. 

He begins the track with a nonchalant warning to his enemies:

I keep tellin’ my opps to try harder // bitch I ain’t dodgin’ shit ‘less its karma // fuck up a sack, throw that ass in one daughter // I fuck off a perc cause it make me last longer // that bitch hate my guts but still live how I taught her // can’t do no right, I just wanna live wronger

This line displays Neno’s ability to craft domineering, yet self-aware lines — acknowledging his wrongdoing yet reaffirming his commitment to his lifestyle regardless of its potential consequences. 

After repeating the hook, Neno unleashes a barrage of clever one liners, all while making use of a quick, consistent flow. Near the end of the track, he proclaims:

I’m itching, I’m desperate, cross you like a pendant // count bodies and blessings, these n****s be snakes and I see how the sheddin’

Again, this line – despite its subtlety – reveals Neno’s ability to reappropriate common idioms and use clever metaphors in order to describe his enemy’s tendencies. It also expands upon the aforementioned line from the refrain, emphasizing the dichotomous nature of Neno’s life, how self-aware he is of his iniquities, and his profound hope that he can maintain his lifestyle without repercussions. 

This track is a near-perfect return for Neno Ba$h. GeeohhS’ production accompanies Neno’s lyrics and rapid fire flow perfectly, all while maintaining a simplistic style that allows for Neno to excel. His overall performance is remarkably consistent, faintly vulnerable, and assuredly ominous, all culminating in a brief, but extremely effective track.