TeamSESH just bolstered its roster with a prominent new addition. Established producer Deergod is joining the highly influential and legendary collective, and it is safe to say he fits right in. 

Based out of Michigan in the same liking as other SESH members, the young creative has been making waves on SoundCloud and beyond for a great deal of time now. 

Characterized by the essential facets that make up what a TeamSESH member could and should be, perfectly settling his solemn and moving instrumentals below understated yet poignant deliveries from other acts, the addition is about as telling as can be when considering who makes up SESH as it is. 

His title as one of the underground’s most promising producers was furthered with each successive high-profile collaboration, which saw its apex in the release of “ChangeOfScenery” — a collaboration with the aforementioned BONES. 

Despite that track serving as his biggest break thus far, he has further cemented his credentials as a capable solo act with multiple independent releases, with the most recent example coming in 2019’s Good Mourning. The project is a collection of distinctly lowly and downtempo instrumentals that gives any listener the signature introduction that they would need in understanding his overall body of work. 

The hard work and utter dedication to his craft has now paid off for the aspiring in-demand artist, and his consistent quality is now going to be showcased on a significantly more exposed platform. There is no doubt that fans of the genre-defining collective will be seeing a lot more of the “Deergod” name in the years to come.