As we continue to observe more and more artists in the underground hip-hop landscape take notice of the ever-increasing popularity of creating atmospheric ballads with a modernist ethos, we must take time to highlight the pioneers of this particular wave that is indeed so prevalent at this very time. 

Easily one of the greatest catalysts in furthering this growing trend is Sweden’s own Buffalobang — an individual who has proven himself worthy of such a title with a consistent and blisteringly hot 2019 breakthrough. Releasing a plethora of wave-defining singles as well as being a frequent collaborator with other progenitors in his liking such as Swoopy and Sg Lily, he has encapsulated all there is to know about why this trend is becoming as big as it is right now.

The bno collective member’s status warrants so much more than just appreciating the music as it is; we sat down with him for a brief discussion that reveals how he reached this point and what could be next for both him and the scene as a whole. 

Your sound is so of its own compared to other artists that might take a similar artistic direction as you, describe how you make yourself so different.

I guess I just do me, you know? I let it come naturally. You can’t really force being different, it’ll just be very dishonest. Just do what you want and enjoy.

Because your sound is so nuanced in so many ways, how do you feel your general audience should interpret what you make?

They can interpret it however they want. No one is going to relate to everything I say or do, they can really just make what they want out of it. I actually enjoy seeing people’s interpretation of it.

One thing that makes your music so simultaneously fun to listen to and admirable is this fixation on 2000s-era aesthetics and themes. Could you speak more on that from your point of view?

I truly like early-2000s shows and movies, an interest I share with Swoopy. I also grew up listening to System of a Down & Linkin Park… I guess I get inspiration from visual stuff like that. Some of that (media) had a special vibe, you know? Like a weird vibe I just really like. 

Do you feel as if you are competing with anyone else in your scene right now?

I don’t really see it as competition., They are doing their thing and I’m doing mine. I’m really just making stuff with Bno and truly having a blast.

It is obvious that you really push for a constant stream of content. What motivates your consistent release schedule?

I only drop stuff I’m genuinely happy with. I try to space it out a bit and give each song their time to shine you know? (At times) it is kind of random I guess. 

What will the new year bring for you as it gets closer and closer?

More shows with the rest of bno, bno merch, and hopefully a new album. More than anything, just keep pushing forward.