Chicago’s golden child, HateSonny is destined for something greater. His latest project release is a five-track EP titled DO NOT DISTURB — a project riddled with realness as he criticizes Chi-town social norms, politics and everyday occurrences. With the help of magnificent production, Sonny details life coming from 72nd street.  

A song like “WAY BACK” takes you back to where you came from as he provides undeniable heat through the microphone. This project displays how versatile the Chicago MC is. No two songs on “DO NOT DISTURB” sound the same. 

The dynamic nature of this project proves to make the point that HateSonny is more than just a one-trick pony in any way — which sets him apart from so many others that work in his style. He is a shining example of what it means to advance the underground scene forward from a place of such high quality. 

DO NOT DISTURB, more than anything else he has released up to this point, makes the best case for the validity of that fact. The project will prove to be a benchmark for not only his career as it stands, but the entire scene as a whole as time moves on.

If you’re looking for new music that takes you on an emotional roller-coaster, then look no further than HateSonny’s latest drop. Give it some time and his music will be everywhere. Tap in and get right.