Skele (formerly Lil Skele) is an Indiana-based artist known for not only his heavenly high notes and his prominent association with Burnout — a group that curates mixtapes while functioning as an independent blog.

Skele’s early success at only 18 years old is easily his most remarkable feature, but this success was not earned without a sense of pure talent. His vocal style is very soft in nature, but can build in intensity as well as range as the track. 

The music he makes is extremely cathartic to listen to because of the way he delivers the lyrics he writes. Not only does it flow well, but it is also pleasant sonically due to the superb mixing presented on each track. 

His most recent offering entitled “I’m Getting Really Good At Saying Goodbyes” is a perfect example of all of these facets.

When one listens to this track, they cannot help but to imagine a time in their life when they lost someone they really cared about whether that be due to a breakup or death. It has that amount of emotional depth, which is conveyed but the main themes of loneliness and loss.

The song is very comforting if one neglects the lyrics; the soft nature of the beat is undeniably soothing from a spectacle.

Although brief in nature, this track does not fail short at perfectly capturing a single moment in time. It effortlessly conveys what it needs to in the simplest way possible that is also simultaneously complex. Overall, it is a paradox intertwining the ideas of both beauty and ugliness with dreams and reality into a consumable offering that will have any listener stinging from the truthfulness in the lyrics.