After being in the works for almost a year, Underdawgbuju and GeeohhS have finally dropped their long awaited joint EP, Blac Impala

The project is 6 tracks long, and contains a consistent array of cold-blooded bars, silky 808s, and foreboding lead melodies. 

Featuring co-production from Mvrco, El Greko, and Primofye, the project has the perfect balance of versatility and cohesion, and gives Buju enough space to excel.

The project’s first track is “Go Harder,” a previously released track featuring a diverse arrangement of flows and clever wordplay. The production is infectious, making use of an ethereal, arpeggiated lead melody to entrance the listener. 

The project’s second track “Big Step,” is a brief diversion from the project’s overall sound, featuring a more uptempo beat and melodic riffing courtesy of Buju. The beat features a sharp flute melody throughout, which is perfectly accompanied by Buju’s semi-staccato vocal delivery. 

“High Tech” comes later in the runtime, and it is a track that perfectly encapsulates the minimalistic production and confident vocal stylings of the whole album. It begins with a distorted synth lead accompanied by a reversed percussion loop, which solidifies the track’s industrial edge. Additionally, Buju provides one of his best performances of the whole project, utilizing braggadocious bars and a poised delivery to create a sense of effortless debonair.

Blac Impala is a self-assured, straightforward, and keen project. Its cohesion is impressive, as Buju and GeeohhS provide consistent performances throughout. This project was made to be blasted with the car windows down, and that is exactly what these two wanted their audience to feel.