Rozey is an artist that at the start of his run on Soundcloud began in Philadelphia but has spread to other parts of the world as he has grown. His older songs had a more sad vibe such as “Stick and Poke” that matched the “emo rap” aesthetic and sound that the platform had become known for. Now, he is moving on to more punk-inspired tracks, such as the recently released “I Smoke Crack.” 

The track is written, sung, mixed, and mastered by Rozey himself with the beat being produced by West. The entire song fits in with the new style that he has decided to adopt in his art very well. Tracks like this are the polar opposite of his more emotional songs and are just made for hype and a laugh at times.

It is very difficult to take this song seriously from an emotional standpoint as the first lyrics are:

I do wanna say that I do smoke crack and I do kill cats // Nothing in this song is satirical // And should be taken at face value // Also forgot to mention I have a foot fetish 

After this he aggressively screams into the mic before there are a few seconds where it is just the beat playing with no other noise in order to build tension before he really goes in with the bar: 

Bitches on my phone they acting like I’m a fucking god 

This song personifies who this artist is as a person with its “I don’t give a fuck” attitude as well as the dark humor that he sprinkles in. Every line contrasts his first statement in the beginning of the song, being that he proclaimed “nothing is satirical and should be taken at face value.”

This is a perfect example of how a clever sense of satire can be used to elevate one’s art, and the stark change in direction that he establishes in doing so is telling to say the least. Depending on how well his audience reacts to this new change, Rozey could see himself carving a brand new niche into his burgeoning career.