After a relatively quiet 2019 as far as solo releases are concerned, Yung Lean returned right as this year is coming to a close with his new single “Blue Plastic.” The track sees the now-veteran artist continue to prove himself as an innovator, risk-taker, and all-around curator of genre-defining sounds within the pocket he so adequately fills in hip-hop at this very moment. 

While it has not been a quiet year for Lean in any sense of the word – with plenty of guest features being provided along with a number of other ventures into various mediums besides music – fans of the already-cemented legend are always looking forward to what kinds of avenues he chooses to take each and every new release as the years go on.

With this new track, it seems as though he is furthering his already high sense of prominence regarding heavily-melodic tracks to even more unseen areas. 

This track in particular sees him familiarly crooning with his unmatched delivery, yet it is over an instrumental that features mid-80s-esque drums that drone on methodically throughout the entire runtime. 

He capitalizes on this drooning beat not by relying on any sense of explicit appeal towards the aforementioned sounds of that decade in particular, but rather by sticking to what makes any song of his so full of oneness: simply being himself. Because there is no one who can deliver the same sense of angst and emotional captivation that he has come to perfect over his tellingly influential career, he does not need to do much to make both a substantial impression and a quality track in the process.

These two aspects coming together for a quick and concise ballad prove that Lean has not, and maybe will never miss a beat when it comes to always offering something at least somewhat nuanced in his various musical experiments. If this track says anything about what is to come for the future of the still-young legend, it is that he will never stop trying to push pure and utter musicality into correspondingly new and telling areas that we have yet to see until they actually happen.