Suckerpunk is a versatile artist with the capabilities to provide upbeat flex rap that rivals the feeling one gets listening to an artist like Belis, but can also execute emotional indie vocals that will have anyone’s body swaying slowly. Her higher pitch uniquely mixes with vocal effects for a sound that sets her apart from everyone else in the scene. 

Her name and image are the first things that stick out. It might seem unimportant, but having a memorable name as an artist is incredibly important to drawing in new listeners. She often gets production from talented and relevant names such as Charlie Schuffler or the members of Neilaworld. She also finds herself working with other up and coming hit makers, the Lilspirit feature on her song “Lifeline” is a must listen. 

To understand the versatility of Suckerpunk there are three songs one must listen to back to back. Start with “ADRENALINE,” a Glasear and Vader Beats produced auto-tune banger. The song features a fast paced flow that only slows down as Suckerpunk calls out for a miracle. It’s the perfect song to get people dancing at a party. 

The next song to listen to is “I’m sad so I wrote this,” which is produced by Paradox. The song is a more typical emo-trap song that doesn’t do too much differently than most songs in that scene. The song focuses on a past relationship and her hope that maybe things will work out in the future. 

The last song is “stay a little longer,” produced by Zeeky Beats. The beat is lo-fi in nature and the vocals are hollow and slightly strained just enough to remind you there is no auto-tune. The lyrics let you know that this song takes place in an awkward emotional period either after a fight or a breakup; a facade is put up in an attempt to convince others that she is ok but sometimes her real emotions leak through. Despite the very emotional lyrical content the actual tone of the song is soothing and this is a perfect song to fall asleep to. 

This listening guide should be a good starting point for delving into Suckerpunk’s diverse library of music. She is an artist that the public will soon be seeing with larger and larger numbers as the year progresses and people catch on to her talent.