Massachusetts’ own Jammar4K returns with new track “Glass” — a melancholy and reflective track addressing an old flame. Produced by Skress and Mochila, the track is a swift follow up to the Ginseng produced “Racks” and features an emotive array of guitars throughout. The track puts Jammar’s vocal capabilities on full display while also showcasing his keen ability to craft a vulnerable yet relatable vibe.

The track starts with an entrancing guitar loop, accompanied by a series of aqueous, downtrodden vocal riffs courtesy of Jammar. At the drop, a smooth and glossy 808 is introduced to the mix, along with a bevvy of subdued percussion. Although subtle, the percussion provides a sense of groove and constant movement, further aiding the track’s overall fluidity. Jammar’s performance is delicate and infectious, detailing the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship. This is most evident during the hook with Jammar proclaiming:

Glass, oh baby you make me shatter like glass // I remember all the good shit and the bad times that we had // Baby I know you can’t trust me ‘cause all the pain in your past// And no I’m not on no percs ‘cause you hated the way I act.

During the verse, Jammar dives deeper into the relationship, addressing his internal conflicts and feelings of isolation and undesirability. After the second hook, Jammar makes clever usage of his vocals, utilizing a tasteful amount of distortion and panning as a means by which to build anticipation for the final hook. Following the final hook, a new guitar melody enters the mix, utilizing polished pitch-bending to contribute to the sense of uncertainty and doubt felt throughout the track.

All in all, “Glass,” is a well constructed tale of despair and longing. Jammar’s intimate lyrics and harrowing vocal delivery, coupled with Skress and Mochila’s intricate production, construct a feeling of perpetual yearning and desolation. 

Be sure to be on the lookout for what Jammar has in store for the future.