Tali is a talented and hungry producer in the underground scene that has been working nonstop, making beats, mixing and mastering songs for many artists. He is a charismatic musician with a plethora of repeat customers/collaborators. Get to know the Madison, Wisconsin based producer in his long-awaited interview.

Who did you vote for in the 2016 Presidential Election?

Are you serious? Like deadass? Bro I was like 14 at the time.

I’m just messing with you. On a serious note, what drew you into becoming a producer in the underground scene?

It was really from watching those Genius deconstructed videos. I watched those, and seeing how they broke down every song and everything was dope, I wanted to do it so I started producing myself. And my dad used to produce also, but that didn’t inspire me much to be honest. Maybe it runs in the family.

What’s your favorite non hip-hop album?

1000 Gecs. I like it because the songs have a lot of energy with the bass and the vocals it’s really dynamic and nice to listen to. I wouldn’t say it’s hip-hop, because well to begin with, it’s just hard to put any genre on 100 Gecs. I also fuck with this band called Sleigh Bells, it’s not hip-hop it’s like some bubblegum pop shit. I don’t know what you would call it. Wow that made me think I damn near only listen to rappers. 

Where do you hope to see yourself in 4 years when you’re 21?

I better not be working a 9-5, I will have been producing for 5-6 years by then and will hopefully have a lot of placements and be able to live off my music. Also, I’ll hopefully be living in a bigger city by then. More opportunities and studios to record in. I get bored in Madison, a lot.

Are you currently working on any projects?

Ummm, yeah me and Dock Hellish have a tape on the way, me and Lil Shies have a tape on the way. Pulp finish and I have a tape dropping on the 30th also. With how quick rappers work nowadays I get to work on a lot of projects. But I feel like if rappers could make songs as fast as I could make beats I would have a much better work ethic. 

If you hit the mega millions lottery on your 18th birthday what would you do?

If I had a lot of money I would move to a european countryside honestly. There isn’t as many music opportunities out there but it would be so nice to live in a different area with a different climate and way less people. I would just make music and enjoy life.

Have you ever considered experimenting with different genres?

Yeah, I experiment with stuff that isn’t really a genre. It’s just hard to find a rapper to get on the songs. Rappers like Yung Lean, ECCO2k, Thaiboy, all spent a lot of time creating a new sound so I feel like I gotta just keep working on this long term. 

What’s the most out of pocket thing you have ever seen on Twitter?

That’s really hard, like I saw someone get burned alive yesterday, people getting stoned to death, shit probably some things that you can’t put in this interview. But to be honest, mostly just people dying, you can’t really top that. Oh wait, there was one time this guy sent his dick to the group chat. He had a tattoo on it that he wanted to show people. That was some out of pocket shit.

Who are a few of your favorite artists to work with?

I’d say Dock Hellish and BELT for sure, because i feel like they hit my sound really well. Ive been on at least 3 Docks tapes, and i got a song with BELT on the UVC 10K tape as well as some other stuff on the way.

If you could make any two artist collab happen on a tali beat, what duo would you pick?

Uhhhh shiiiit, I would definitely get yung lean in there because he’s definitely one of my all time favorites. Then I would get Black Kray on there because they would go crazy together on a track. 

In your opinion, how big of a role do group chats play in the underground?

I mean, i feel like they’re kinda toxic now. Nothing good comes out of them anymore. Before they were just like kinda there. They’re really good for meeting people, but not good for promoting your music because nobody really gives a fuck about your link anyways. Honestly, I feel like without group chats people wouldn’t get “cancelled” so much.

Anything you would like to tell the world?