Nicoteen Ninyo is certainly on the come-up.

He sets himself apart from the crowd with his various fashion choices that range from crop tops paired with a cowboy hat and boots to more subtle and simple looks. These are showcased on his instagram and are interspersed among his song cover art with backdrops varying from pitch black landscapes to vibrant, rosy hued sunsets. Much like the backdrop of his Instagram photos, his songs are also varied in nature with themes ranging from feeling nostalgic about a lost love to anger emphasized by his soft voice not only rising in pitch but also intensity.

This artist’s discography is fairly impressive considering the fact that in the ten months that he has been utilizing soundcloud he has posted over sixty songs. Naysayers could possibly say that quantity doesn’t override quality and that this isn’t an impressive feat at all, anyone can put out one horrible track a week. However, when listening to each song a listener can tell it was not only written well but it also sonically sounds lovely with the mixing and mastering being of high quality. Well-compressed layers add a level of depth that would not otherwise be present. In essence, this artist is not only consistent but also has a high standard in regards to the quality of his work.

The following songs give a new listener a feel for his emotional range as well as the different styles he can develop and perfect.

“Terrified” – This particular song is sung on a guitar beat produced by NXCTURNAL and starts out very softly until it crescendos at around thirty seconds to a louder volume where his vocals come in. Although the volume gets slightly louder and the vocal style more intense as the song goes on, this does not hide his soprano like vocals.

He often reminisces about his past relationships and hopes that this one won’t end up like the last ones. His insecurity about this singular relationship is emphasized with the lines:

I’m counting the days // till things go wrong // I’m counting the days // till you say, I’m not where you belong

He brings out the emotion in these lines by not only singing them softly but adding vocal layering in order to establish a mood of longing. Longing not only for this relationship to not end but also for this person to actually see the artist differently than others have seen him before. The girl he wrote the song about then dumped him later.

“Sinner” – In this song, he maintains a baritone-like pitch throughout which differs from the prior offering. Much like the pitch of his voice, these lyrics contain much darker content with the overall theme being a hope for acceptance in spite of his flaws which he considers “sins” and therefore uses the term “sinner” to describe himself. There’s also a certain religious undertone in this one with mentions of devils, angels, and God. Overall, this song has several themes and messages to take from it and describes a darker part of the artist.

Be on the lookout for even more from Ninyo in the coming future.