When most people think of music to mosh to, they gravitate towards music with aggressive, in-your-face vocals. At the Iced Out Angels/Underground Vampire Club show in Atlanta, an artist known as Sebii tore down the notion that aggressive vocals are an integral part of a mosh pit song.

Sebii’s Twitter bio reads “I don’t pitch up my vocals,” and it really does need to be clarified. His voice is uniquely high without being gimmicky or annoying. His vocals exist in a middle ground between singing and rapping.

He often uses production from Neilaworld, his own collective Iced Out Angels, and Ginseng, although he sometimes deviates from this by working with other hit makers like Leesta or even just self-producing.

The Atlanta show had a very robust lineup of artists, being the artist with the most crowd hype was an impressive achievement that every artist wanted and Sebii easily took it. In a very unexpected turn of events Sebii had the entire crowd moshing to his high pitched smooth vocals. Sebii took center stage surrounded by his producer friends from IOA and fellow vocalists such as Matter4k and Ericdoa. He wore a sly grin while he looked out at the crowd and danced, people jumping and going crazy all around him. He knew at that moment he owned the crowd.

Sebii is a true performer, if you don’t have your eye on him already, get on it. He definitely has big things to come.