Loverboy is a California native who has been under the radar for some time now. With so many great singles out, his long awaited project It Never Ends surpassed expectations. Find out the stories and emotions behind It Never Ends in Loverboy’s latest interview with UVC.

How long have you been working on this project?

I’ve wanted to drop a project for such a long time now. I’ve been making music for about 3 and a half years and haven’t really dropped a solid solo project. To be honest I think I’m still trying to find myself and my sound but we’re getting closer. 

I started working on [the project] in May of this year, and most songs had different names. I try to figure out names for things once they’re written fully or completely recorded. I completed it around July and finalized every song name, the official project name, and cover art that I made myself. 

Do you think this is some of your best work yet?

This is for sure the best work I have out right now. I feel like every time I work on a song whether it’s for a potential project or single I always am trying to perfect my vocals and perfect my mix.

I have some crazy singles on the way, as well as another tape in the next few months. 

Where is the first sample on the project from?

The first vocal samples on the song “Blasphemy” are from House of 1000 corpses, that’s one of my favorite movies rip cap.

On “Team Edward” you say your body is numb. Is that from depression, drugs, or something else?

Both at the time. I was using a lot of different things and while I was fucked up I would hurt myself for some reason. 

On “20 Questions” you reference a girl wanting your affection, company and drugs, but she won’t get anything for free. Have you had bad experiences with girls using you for who you are/what you have?

Yes and no, I have exes that have used me for bullshit but when I started really selling shit with my friends. It’s kinda weird how people start acting, everybody wants to be your friend and people will know you before you know them.

“Relapse” is full of emotion and feels very real. What made you pour heart out into the track?

Relapse is a very real song. I’m talking about the time I dipped from rehab and went back to my city. I relapsed almost the third day I was out. it was pretty much downhill from there. A month went by and my friends started beefing with me over mistakes that I made before I left, it escalated to some crazy shit fast and went on for like a week. On top of that I was up for no joke the whole week, shit was bad I hope I’m  never at that point again.

I made the song as a reminder of that shitty time so I never put myself there again. 

Battling drug dependency is a hard and tiring experience. If you would like to speak on it, how long had it been since you relapsed like you spoke of on “Relapse” and how are you doing now?

Well lately I don’t consider a relapse a relapse anymore, because I haven’t done much in these past few months. I feel if it’s not an everyday use thing anymore (in my head) I’ll be okay I mean there’s times where I’d love to be back on my shit but for right now I gotta take life seriously.

The progression of the project tells of you pushing away the people around you and secluding yourself away. “No Matter What I Do” gives a plea for someone to stay. Have you pushed people away that you wished you didn’t?

Growing up my mom was in and out of my life and I think that’s a main reason why I will only really let people get as close as I want them to be but I hate to lose people. I’ve pushed almost everybody away at times.

“When I Fall Down” is a very despairing melodic song of feeling like there’s nothing left to do. Do you feel your current living situation is holding you back from a faster route to success?

Definitely, right now I’m living with my dad. We have never really had a good relationship and before this I was gone for 2 years on my own. I could go on forever about it but right now I just feel like my mentality is fucked up im just not in the right place. 

Is this a project for you? Or did you make this because your fans want it?

This project was mainly for me. I finally found a comfortable spot and I think I’m perfecting my sound with every song. 

With Loverboy’s consistent improvements, there is no doubt that he will get his chance at the spotlight. Be on the lookout for new music from the rising California talent, and run this project back in the meantime.