The track “Pain” off MA$TERMiND’s The Fight For Life is a simple, charming track rife with a sampled melody reminiscent of early soul and R&B records. The accompanying visual, dropped Sept. 14th by OCDVisuals does not waver in that simple yet captivating style. As a whole, both the track and video elicit a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. This nostalgic feeling may fly over the heads of the current generation, but to those with older parents that may influence these sounds unto their kin, the project does well harkening back to the days of lowrider cruising, doo-wop, and neo-soul. MA$TERMiND’s courageous and large voice provides a good modern balance to both the sampled vocals and aura of the track. 

The first noticeable stylistic choice of this visual, at least when viewed on YouTube, is the wider, horizontally stretched format. Provided with this bold cinematic feel, the audience accompanies MA$TERMiND as he struts his way into a red classic car amid a very sunny day as he cruises around. Abetted with film style flickering frames, slightly tilted angles and POV shots looking out into the orange tinted afternoon, MA$TERMiND leads his viewers into a slow, calming drive around the block with little to no excess or visual fluff. 

Clocking in around 2 minutes, the visual is a seamless and calming journey to aid the track. In an era where vapid, complex editing is in order to grasp the attention of rap audiences, this complete opposite direction, while slightly jarring to those acquainted with the aforementioned style, is brilliantly well done. OCDVisuals gives the audience just enough to follow visually, from the rich warm colors to the assortment of angles and POV shots, no seconds are wasted as MA$TERMiND soothes the audience with his voice and sharp well crafted bars.