Acid Castle member Yung Van recently released his new album Long Distance. This is not the typical album however; Van exposes his Spanish speaking side tagged along with Spanish artist Night Prayers and one song with up-and-coming female artist Kaiyko. Containing only 5 tracks, the talented duo blesses us with a one of a kind exotic project expressing the pain of falling in love with somebody miles away.

The album starts off strong with Van’s pre-dropped single “Ella.” It has fusions of Soul/R&B with Night’s reggaeton and Latin trap style vocals.

Night Prayers’ first verse in Spanish:

Ella no es de aquí // No se si esta por mi // Ya no ser ni vivir, no // No se ni que sentir, no se si piensa a mi // Quiero morir

Translation: She is not from here // I don’t know if she’s here for me // I don’t even know how to live, no // I don’t even know what to feel, I don’t know if she thinks of me // I want to die

In the next track “For 1 Nite,” Van professes his love and interest in a girl who he’s willing to fly out to.

I ain’t gonna lie // I been feeling you all night / I really want you in my life // Even if it’s for one night

Night then jumps in with powerful lyrics:

No te quiero mentir // Ya me canse de sufrir // Ya me canse de vivir, sentir el mundo ya no es para mi… Yo lo que quiero es pasar todo la noche contigo // Y que invierno tu cuerpo y tus besos ser mi abrigo

Translation: I don’t want to lie to you // I’m tired of suffering // I’m tired of living, feeling like the world is no longer for me… I just want to spend the whole night with you // And in winter your body and kisses be my coat

“Happy 4 U” – which features Kaiyko – is more on the happier, grateful side. The three recall about a love filled with lessons, pain, and overall being happy for the one they love.

The rest of the album speaks on about the struggles of distance and self-destructive thoughts. With all these elements, Van and Night Prayers executed a perfect sensational drop.