19-year old Philly native Sollitude recently released his new album titled A Space Odyssey.  Containing 12 songs self produced by him along with one by Neilaworld member Mixed Matches – all while featuring well-known underground stars like Sosi and Roland – Sollitude takes you on an unforgettable outer space adventure. 

Sollitude begins the album strongly with an upbeat and pop-like sound with the title track “A Space Odyssey.”

The second song entiled “Aurora Borealis” gives us a more galactic spacey mood off the name accompanied by resonating electrical lyrics and beat. 

He switches the sound up a bit on the 3rd track “I’ll Never See You Again.” He self-produced a nice ambient yet hype beat with a tinge of R&B sound. Him and featured artist Roland both sing about somebody who they seem to have strong feelings for. 

“Decay” gives off a more somber and gloomy feeling, trailed by even more cloudy lyrics. 

The direction of the album changes rapidly after the fourth track with “Star.” Showing off an alternative, grungy side, this track proves to be a distinct favorite off the project.

Providing an even more diverse twist, the next track entitled “Window/Washed” has an indie-rock chime to it, but still keeps to the melancholic roots of the album. 

“I Don’t Wanna Know” features production by Mixed Matches. Notably known for his dreamy yet upbeat sound, Mixed Matches’ production and Sollitude’s way with words pair well together in this hip-hop song. 

“You’re My Moon” sees the artist reminiscing with lyrics about somebody he hopes to see soon. Paired along with Sosi’s mesmerizing vocals, they create a beautiful glittery duo. The lyrics will undoubtedly evoke multiple romantic feelings about a significant other or even about the one that got away. 

The following last few tracks all exhibit a familiar rhythm, all very up-beat sounding but with a warping spacey edge.

Sollitude definitely proves himself to be a diverse artist with this album. From pop, alternative, grunge, and hip-hop – along with 11 out of the 12 songs being self-produced by him – he shows how much of a distinguishable creator he is in the scene. It encompassed so many relatable lyrics escorted by perfectly balanced beats, displaying a halcyon emotion seldom seen by any project in a very long time.