Fresh off the success of “Die Free” and “Prada Dragon,” Kevin Kazi returns with “Kerosene Heart,” one of his most provocative tracks to date. With a standout verse courtesy of Keshore, and stellar production courtesy of LocalZero, the track serves as an unrelenting banger sure to start a mosh the second its played.

The track starts off with a series of booming 808s, coupled by a gradual build up of simple claps and energetic adlibs. Kevin’s hook is erratic yet controlled, utilizing his signature yelled cadence and dynamic delivery. The content is braggadocious and clever, utilizing lines like:

This a Bentley not a muhfuckin’ Jeep // 100 round drum make em’ sing like Belis

The hook is repeated two times, setting the foundation for Keshore to deliver a diverse, distinctive, and dignified verse. His verse starts with a measured buildup of hyperventilated adlibs and a sustained groan. He then descends into a bellowing, combative cadence, akin to Kevin’s, which allows for a strong sense of cohesion. However, this is brief, and immediately afterwards, Keshore makes usage of the “baby voice” cadence in a distinguished fashion. His voice still maintains the same confidence and debonair as before, but in a higher tone. In an era where many attempt to emulate Playboi Carti’s cadence, Keshore maintained enough creative willpower to add his own spin on an already popular trope.

The track concludes with Kevin repeating the hook two more times, and an amusing barrage of braggadocio. All in all, “Kerosene Heart” is an incandescent, unsparing track, sure to add fuel to any occasion.