Expose yourself to one of Sweden’s biggest talents in the scene. Boys Night Out member D1v talks to us about his experience in Sweden, his take on mental health, how he got started into music, and more. 

How old are you and where are you from? 

I’m 19, and I’m from a very small place in North Sweden.

You’re all the way in Sweden, does that impact your music in any way? 

I don’t think so, all my influences are from America. What’s annoying is that all my listeners are in America so playing shows is harder. 

You’re in a music collective called “Boys Night Out”, tell me how that came together. 

Most of us are Swedish so we’ve known each other for awhile. We started to do more stuff recently after more artists and producers joined us, but we really came together after we put together a show in Stockholm. We just vibed together I guess. After that show we were all like “Damn maybe this is it”. 

Reminds me of how Drain Gang and Sad Boys met. Speaking of which, how is the underground music scene in Sweden like? 

The type of music I make is not big here at all, especially where I live. It’s getting more accepted in Stockholm but where I live people just listen to country music and shit. People here don’t really understand it but it’s fine. The first thing people say when they hear me is “Why do you use so much autotune? Turn that off.” I’ve gotten that from so many girls at parties telling me that I have a nice voice and that I don’t need the effects. 

Since you’re Swedish and use autotune a lot, do people ever compare you to Bladee? Is it annoying to you? 

Yeah it does happen, but I don’t blame people. It’s easy to point fingers like that but I don’t think we sound the same though. 

A fan asked “If you were a Pokemon, which one would you be?” 

I’m gonna keep it real with you, I’m not that super into Pokemon. I watched a few episodes when I was a kid and I liked the Pokemon movie. I’ve always thought Mewtwo was cool as hell though. 

Did you plan on making music? Or was it just random. 

Me making music was never a thing where I told myself it’s what I wanted to do. I guess it was random. My friends just randomly told me “Let’s buy microphones and start making music” and I was like “Fuck it, sure.” I never thought I would have a fan base or anything like that.

What’s an American artist/band that has really influenced you in music? 

I was very into indie music like indie electronica and stuff back then. Seafret inspired me a lot, they’re like an indie pop group. My favorite artist that I used to listen to a lot is Crywolf, he makes electronic music with nice vocals. I also listened to a lot of Lil Tracy and Lil Peep, and Yung Lean when he first started coming up.

Where do you really want to visit in America? 

Probably NYC or LA. 

What influences your music more? Love, drugs, or depression?

I guess depression really influences me a lot. I’m a very quiet guy. I keep to myself a lot and don’t really tell people how I feel, but I can do that in my music. When I went to school, my social anxiety was really bad. I couldn’t really function at all. I remember just sitting there waiting to be apart of a conversation and just thought about whatever I was going to say like 100 times in my head, and whenever I said something I felt really stupid and regretted that I spoke up. But then I started to take medication for it so I got better. Most of my old songs are about my ex-girlfriend too. It really crushed me when she broke up with me. Now when I listen to my old songs I don’t really fuck with them but the songs remind me of what I’ve been through and how much my music has grown over the past years.

How is the mental health stigma in Sweden? In America, it’s very neglected and looked over.

Yeah, that’s fucked up. Sweden is good with mental health as far as I know. You can get medication and they don’t treat you like you’re crazy. It’s very normal actually so nobody is judgmental about medications and shit.

Any advice for depression and breakups?

I would say the best way is to keep yourself busy and surround yourself with people you love. A very stupid thing is check up on the person’s social media, that’ll just make you feel like shit. Don’t do it.

Who do you want to work with in the future?

Honestly I don’t really know right now, I just wanna work with the guys in my group.

Stph - Contributor
Stph - Contributor

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