While still relatively young, Coop harnesses the ability to transcend eras both thematically and sonically. In his newest song entitled “Summer Nights”, we see Coop floating amongst vocals and lyrics reminiscent of something out of an early 2000s teen romance movie, rife with the devil-may-care attitude of adolescents that are intoxicated by love. However, these vocals are also more relevant now more than ever as they are belted out with rich autotuned supplementation as well as lyrics that reflect literal heartbreak and intoxication — something so easily relatable within the generation of Coop’s core audience (and the core audience of many other emerging artists). Having dropped July 9th, this track is an alluring treat to put on as you try to coax yourself into feeling and healing from past memories. 

This sugary feels trip is produced by discent, who leads with the instrumentals with heavy pop-punk-esque guitar chord patterns that are accompanied by light trap elements such as bouncing drums and upbeat 808s. Those familiar with Coop’s vocals can expect to hear an ornate complexity to the way he uses autotune on his vocals, hitting certain notes and singing in such a way that is frilly and sharp. On this track, however, the register is lower and hard-hitting with more of a focus on the lyrics and passion in delivering them. Notable lines come off as previously mentioned, as they envoke romance, heartbreak, and intoxication (both of the heart and of bodily faculties): 

Make out backseat of the Tesla // First love always seem to be the best love // First date spill your drink on your dress love // My bad man I always seem to mess up.. And now i lie here at the bottom of hell // Know you fucking hate me but I wish you well // Tried to write you couple times if you couldn’t tell // Wishin’ for the Summer Nights that made me feel something

At its most basic level, Coop successfully subverts listener expectations in how the song is pleasantly upbeat, even complete with bright cover art and a title that is typically reserved for fond memories. While the memories that Coop alludes to do seem to be just that – upon reading the lyrics and placing yourself in a position of reflection on love, relationships, and general past experiences – one can begin to transition from the sweet grip of Coop’s vocals to the warm emotional experience that is hidden between the lines. Run it up.