Fns and Saturn – two members of the collective Bloodhounds – have come together on a new track “No Show.” The track sees the duo playing off each others strengths to create a wonderful work of art. 

The beat these two find themselves on, produced by fellow bloodhound member Ugly Zucc, starts off with a soft, breathy pad that fills out the mid-range and creates a feeling of eeriness and distance, layered with arpeggiating synths that strongly bring to mind 8-bit sound chips. The drums keep the rhythmic movement of the arp with the rapid-fire kick and bass, balancing the feeling between the low and high end of the mix. This all comes together to create an energy that is both nostalgic yet uneasy, which the vocals take and run off with.  

The song starts with a hook from fns that perfectly exemplifies his personal style. Because even though it is difficult to understand his lyrics, his vocal melodies deliver the same message his words are. It feels as if he has hit a near perfect balance between using the voice as a vehicle for lyricism and pure emotional crooning. 

I might feel something // But I won’t show none // 925 frames that’s the Chrome Hearts // Still talkin’ // Need to cut it out // Ion wanna hear no shit or we gon’ fall out

Following this up is Saturn’s verse, and it beautifully contrasts with the prior offering, as his vocals are extremely clear. The inclusion of both of them on this song shows off both of their strengths as vocalists and make the song an incredibly beautiful listen. 

All of this comes together to make an amazing and beautiful piece. Everything from the beat to the vocals work with each other to enhance this experience and is a must to check out.