Despite how early it may seem in the lifespan of Cloud Rap and the grander underground scene as a whole, the “legends” of this genre seem to come and go very quickly. With that being said, no group has come with as much impact in the early years of this scene and have correspondingly advanced it more than the original Sad Boys/GTB team.

Among the successes of the fellow members, Thaiboy Digital has proven to be somewhat of an outlier. While not having that unequivocal label attached to the names of some of his contemporaries like Yung Lean and Bladee, he is truly just as much of a significant part of this sound as a whole as they are. Considering how these past few years have seen Drain Gang rise at an even higher rate than ever before, all Thaiboy needed to do to remind the world who he is as a solo artist was to drop an album that can compete with his contemporaries’ respective offerings.

Legendary Member is that album; it is a project that unquestionably capps off not only Drain Gang’s exceptional 2019, but also Thaiboy’s status as an undeniable legend that really has never left.

Even with this album being the return of one of Cloud Rap’s biggest influences, the project reserves itself for a more modern take on what he and those in his liking have set in stone. The album features tracks more so influenced by static flows reminiscent of modern mumble rap, but with that signature vocal delivery that is so well known at this point.

What this accomplishes in the cohesive listening experience is a direct and unavoidable infectiousness. Once again, another Drain Gang member has offered yet another project that sees its most extrinsic facet align with its catchiness; and this project in particualar may rank with the catchiest of them all.

The repetitive and static production works amazingly well with Thaiboy’s restricted and at times maddeningly bouncing flows. These two facets – which are often times so criticised in the modern rap lexicon – function at such a high level of cooperativeness in this project’s case that it really is a marvel what he was able to accomplish.

Tracks like “Nervous”, “Can’t Tell”, and “Kit Kat” are resounding examples of this notion, as they prove to be some of the album’s most energetic and rapid injections of static composition. Many other tracks follow suite, but others such as “Lip Service” and “Baby” fill out the collective runtime by signaling back to the more cloudy roots that fans are so used to.

All of these instances lead up to what is without question one of the most impressive tracks of the year: the album’s title track “Legendary Member.” With the all-too-familiar accompaniment of Baldee, Yung Lean and Ecco2k, the track that closes the album does so in an astoundingly fulfilling way. The multiple hooks, spotless production, and immaculate charisma all combine to produce one of Hip-Hop’s best tracks of the year.

This album presents a very unique and not often observed aspect of an artist’s career; it represents that moment where Thaiboy realized that his current status was one that held somewhat of a contradictory nature. He was a legend that still needed to prove something — something that would truly draw his own line in the sand. To do this, it is safe to say that he needed to become a “Legendary Member” in his own right. Now with this release, not only has he accomplished that, he has convincingly set himself up for even more greatness to come at a solo level.