Those familiar with the grimy, gnarled Gizmo sound would be remiss to expect that anything less would be reflected in the visuals that supplement Gizmo’s tracks. In a manner that is macabre and creatively satisfactory, Gizmo utilizes dark imagery and ferocious instrumentals to set course for listening experiences that may shock and entrance the listener. 

The “Desolate” music video is a striking expression of turmoil, spearheaded by Gizmo himself and shot by 2400Kelvins. This aforementioned listening experience is strongly reinforced via montage of twisted imagery and frenetic editing within the visual. 

Immediately beginning the piece off with a title stating “a Suicide Note From Gizmo”, the viewer gets a taste for the tone of the video before the track begins to play; a fitting tonal set up, considering the isolated and self-destructive overtones that are imbued within the lyrics. 

Following this is a quickly cut and vibrantly colored sequence where the viewers see Gizmo acting in four various ways on camera: Gizmo stands alone in a green field wielding a bladed instrument. 

He then sits under a tree amidst a plethora of vegetation while a vibrant pink color saturates the image. Breaking up these shots are scenes of Gizmo wielding a scythe and dawning a Bane mask as he drives around on an ATV-wonderfully mythic and psychedelic creatures grace the screen in these ATV sequences. 

Lastly, in the darkest turn of events, the audience sees Gizmo drown and die as the text “Fuck Gizmo” emanates on to screen. As the video ends, and a deceased Gizmo lies in a field different from that of the simulated body of water he drowned in, another title caps off the piece reading “You killed Gizmo” in bold, striking red color. 

It is an interesting phenomenon to see an artist direct himself in both a self-deprecating and self-destructive manner all the while maintaining strong artistic craftsmanship throughout the duration of the piece. With explicitly grim lines like “I wanna die” and “Fuck tryna live (I don’t wanna live)”, it’s fitting that the audience sees Gizmo alone in all shots of the video as an expression of this isolation and hesitancy to go on. Going forward in the video one notices the striking, heavy use of visual effects that find their way into the “Bane mask” sequences, and it is immediately noticed that these scenes are different given the contrasting method of presentation. 

Only in these moments does the audience see the Gizmo footage heavily edited, amidst 3D rendered ghouls and wraiths dominating the landscape. Whether for aesthetic’s sake or to paint Gizmo as this villainous ethereal character, it works to make a distinction between the side of Gizmo that spits lyrics and the side of Gizmo that’s seemingly plotting on his (own) demise. Add that with the images of bladed weapons and a hanging animal skull- a dark trail of coded breadcrumbs that Gizmo installs within the video- the audience is treated with a lot to unpack and watch, especially as the video ends with “You killed Gizmo”. Perhaps the audience is supposed to resonate with the Bane mask adorned artist.