A solid predecessor to “Swamp Boy”, Ollieworld delivers awe-inspiring production as well as more than impressive vocals and flows. Although short, this project showcases Dawson’s incredible skills and versatile beat production, from the beat switch on “Trigger” to the smooth closer track that is “Special”, this project will keep you listening enthusiastically from start to finish.

Baltimore native Butch Dawson is no stranger to delivering heavy sonics, as seen throughout the project on tracks like “Prime” and “Word on The Block”, even going as far as to exceed expectations completely through the metalinspired instrumentals on the track “Trigger”, showcasing his versatility with the beat switch alone. Dawson’s willingness to subvert and directly contrast views on what your typical hip hop project should sound like shows Dawson’s uniqueness and desire to stand out as an artist, and break out of underground principles and norms.

Overall, Ollieworld is full of gritty and punchy production, catchy lyricism and effortlessly creating a feeling of hype in listeners continues to carry on the impressive style Dawson is known for. The album is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners and is truly an impressive forerunner to his previous album, “Swamp Boy”.