With anthemic production courtesy of El Greko combined with the ever-so-confident performance by Hvmmer, “Go Harder” is a great follow up to Hvmmer’s debut album “I Wish I Was Dreaming”.

Recorded in late 2018, “Go Harder” directly contrasts with Hvmmer’s more melancholy, emotive sound found on his debut album. Its production is more layered and hopeful — evoking a sense of youthful ambition and gravitas. The track’s lead melody is simple, yet infectious, utilizing a congratulatory 4 bar loop to accent the track’s maximalist drums. A trunk-rattling sub bass serves as the song’s anchor, effectively shifting the track’s energy throughout. 

As for Hvmmer, his performance is optimistic, yet controlled, trading off between braggadocious one-liners and introspective critiques. The track cadences out with a self-assured final verse and ethereal vocal riffs, both of which accompany the empyrean production perfectly. 

“Go Harder” follows Hvmmer’s most recent project with great effectiveness. The relatively dense yet catchy production allows for a celestial vibe, while Hvmmer’s boastful bars evoke a sense of adolescent fortitude. One can only hope that both Hvmmer and El Greko can continue to go hard in the near future.