Checks’ latest album “Singles” provides both seasoned fans and new listeners with a taste of everything. Some of his best production work as well as vocal performances are showcased — all while refusing to stay confined to the boundaries of any single genre. 

Effectively showcasing Checks’ extensive abilities to utilize different sonic methods, this album checks every mark listeners may have — whether that be an abrasive, heavier sound or an upbeat, almost ambient feeling. 

His musical influences are very apparent on a track like “Daisies”. Songs in this liking are significantly more upbeat, seemingly taking inspiration from the pop genre. “Blundergat”, on the other hand, channels his inner punk and metal sides.

The opening track “Without” introduces impressive vocals and remarkable production skills. “Winter Break” instills a melancholy feeling among listeners. The replay value on this album is extremely high, and it is sure to keep the listener on their toes at all times. 

Throughout this album, Checks’ makes sure to appeal to sounds that fans have been craving. The entire project gives a taste of this immaculate discography and is sure to impact listeners for a long time, surely cementing Checks as another to keep your eye on.