Canada’s own GeeohhS has made his mark within the underground throughout this entire year. His minimalistic, yet authoritative production has landed him placements with Surf, Texako, Cash Curt, among many others. His most recent effort “Us” featuring Tommy Ice displays both artists’ telling versatility, their knack for melody and the ability to craft extremely laid-back anthems.

The track starts with a fluttering, high pitched lead melody, reminiscent of the Japanese shamisen. After some ethereal vocal riffs courtesy of Tommy, the beat drops — introducing a hard hitting low end, crisp snares and an overall simple yet steady rhythm. The performance in its entirety is melancholic and introspective, utilizing a deep vocal delivery throughout — with the exception of an angelic, high-pitched set of bars near the middle of the track. His lyrics perfectly accompany the song’s vibe, revealing his internal demons and quest for redemption. This sentiment is extremely evident when he says:

I can’t fuck with pills, my n****, I’m finished // Don’t like how it feels when you know that you’re sinnin’ //  When I started to pray, I started to win

GeeohhS’ stellar production is adequately accompanied by Tommy’s vulnerable bars, and the two make for a contemplative, sobering and diaphanous track. The track leaves so much room for what is to come from both artists, and one can only hope more collaborations between the two arise in the near future.