Tell me your name, music alias, how old you are, and what city you are based out of?

“My name is Yanick Inrl or Sixthells. My alias originates from the sixth level of hell, which is the worst in the religions. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Québec, Canada. My first language is French, and English is my second.

What got you into making music, and how long have you been doing this?

Well, I really started digging bands like System of a Down and Metallica when I was around 5 to 8. Then I head Slipknot and fell in love when I was 9. My dad bought me a drum set and I played drums for 10 years. Then, I wanted to do something a bit different, and I couldn’t make much noise at my apartment, so I started producing beats. I made beats for around six months and then released my first track “Addicted to Chaos and Riot”. After that, I fell in love and now I can’t stand a day without making something.

I couldn’t agree more. Making music feels amazing. Tell me, what is your favorite project you have ever released and why?

For a single track, it would go to “Ghost”. Gives me chills every day I listen to it. However, for an album, it would be Deliriun. I try and improve each time I release an album, and that is my most recent one.

I love Ghost. It is a really well done track. Who would you say are your biggest inspirations when it comes to music?

My number one inspiration is Slipknot. Always been a big fan, and to me, is the only heavy band that has made it through the generations. When it comes to rap, it would have to be Bones. He is the one who convinced me to rap around five or six years ago.

When it comes to your music, you can definitely hear the inspiration from Slipknot. What makes your music different compared to others in your eyes? What is Sixthells signature?

I’d say the fact that I make all my beats, but also, I tried mixing a black metal voice through rap which I’ve never heard before (clearly has been done though). That’s how I see it. I’m just a normal kid.

I can see what you mean about how you view it. Are you a part of any label or collective?

I used to be in Hopeless Gang, but Trash Gang got some beef with me, and due to them being pro Trash, I was kicked. However, I still do talk to all of them a lot and I still love the members. To answer the question though, I’m a solo artist. From beats, to covers, to music videos.