H3x is an unique artist from the East Coast that has a sound and talent like no other. Coming off of his first album “Momenta” he sat down with UVC to speak about his journey thus far. 

Where are you from and how old are you?

I grew up in a small town called Kingston in south-shore Massachusetts. I just turned 20 in May.

Tell me about growing up, what was your upbringing like for you? 

My upbringing was honestly extremely cliché. I’m in a family of 5 with both parents in the picture. Super middle-class suburban lifestyle, but always had a passion for super unorthodox things like film, magic, yo-yo’s, etc until I found my passion for music.

Your music reflects a different perspective on your emotions and I think that’s what drew me originally to your sound. When did you originally get into music? What was your starting point? 

I used to play guitar and sing as a kid, to be honest. That faded out in high school until I started getting into producing. Then I started obsessing over music and producing for one talented artist named Matty Owens out of Framingham, MA. After a while, I decided to try and sing/rap over my beats and boom… I fell in love with the overall process.

That’s so amazing and shoutout to Matty Owens that shit must have been so important. When did you decide to take this seriously? What was your turning point?

I decided this was my life when I saw the good feedback from my production with Matty Owens. He was gaining tons of fans from our releases and I was getting so many texts. That’s when I knew I wanted to do this forever. As an artist, however, it came almost immediately after releasing my first songs when I saw the heartwarming responses to the music. One person who encouraged me the most to run with it was my old roommate and best friend Jack DiConza. He is in charge of all of my social media marketing and things like that.

You came so far from your early work what’s your favorite body of work that you’ve put out so far? Or at least been apart of? 

I would have to say the songs I’ve been doing with an artist called Madebycronin. He is unbelievable and has such a unique style that meshes pop and hip-hop. He is the feature on “Charades” on my album “Momenta” and another unreleased song I’m working on, along with me featuring on some of his songs. We have really good chemistry when it comes to the vision for the song, and we’ve never even met in person which is funny!

That’s so fire! I noticed you guys work so fluently, who are some artists you wanna work with in the future? Big or small?

There’s one artist named Rapta from MA that is super talented and has a dope R&B sound. I feel like him and I would make some dope stuff. I also would love to work with Quinn XCII someday. His melting pot of styles would be an amazing thing to work alongside, especially in a bouncy pop song.

Rapta is most definitely killing it right now he’s got such a good library but I think you could kill it with both. What are some of your plans for the rest of the summer and 2019? 

For right now I’m doing a lot of mixing and mastering for some local kids that I’m starting to build a relationship with and working on an EDM set for an EDM concert my buddy is throwing, but I’m trying to get another song or two out by the time I get back to school at UMass Amherst early September. August is gonna be a big month for me creatively.

Those local relationships can be so clutch but overall it’s good that you’re maximizing your time away from school. Music aside for a moment what’s your school life like? Tell me a little about what that experience has been like for you.

I have been on and off about my feelings for it, but I finally embraced the culture and sort of am trying to spin it to my advantage. I go to a huge school so I’m starting to now appreciate the pool of other artistic people and also the consumers I can target as fans for my music. This year I want to gain a lot more recognition at school. Other than that, I have an awesome core group of friends who support me everywhere I go and I am now figuring out how to balance the music with it so I don’t fall off academically, but also can still create constantly. It feels great.

I love that you stayed positive about it and eventually found a way you can move forward because that can certainly hinder a lot of things. Outside of music… what keeps you happy and sane when you aren’t creating or dealing with school? 

Family time. Absolutely family time. Also time with my girlfriend and my best friends. Those memories are what I want to cherish most because when it is all said and done, these are my biggest fans ever and they want to just see me happy. Because of them wanting that for me, it gives me more incentive to be that happy. It’s a powerful thing. 

That’s such a wonderful way to look at it and even I never thought about it in that way. That’s extremely moving and I know everyone can get something from that. Back to the music and one of my last questions for you is who are your top 5 artists of all time? 

Thank you man, I appreciate that. As far as my top 5…I have a super unorthodox top 5 but 5 people that inspire me musically the most are Jon Bellion, Logic, Quinn XCII, J. Cole, and Joyner Lucas. I would take more names from further back, but I wasn’t listening to music as an average daily listener until around middle school to high-school. These are 5 guys who I can always count on me getting hyped for when they drop something.

Such an amazing list though and you can tell most definitely how you were inspired by each. Before we log-off do you have any shoutouts or words of motivation? 

I’ll say a little of both! First shoutout to my family for not being demeaning of my dreams as a lot of people’s loved ones. All us kids wanna do is make our parents proud and I’m lucky enough to have that support with me. I also wanna shout out my girlfriend, Emily; for putting up with my work ethic and sacrificing time with me to let me create and chase my dreams. That doesn’t fly with every significant other. Lastly wanna shout out my old roommate/manager Jack DiConza for being there for every single thing and even being the brains of the operation we have. Love you brother. As far as words of wisdom, we live in an odd world with so much negativity and envy. So if you can do one thing while you’re alive, do it for you. Not to make someone else like you, or to be like everyone else. Be yourself and yourself only. Everyone has an extremely unique thing to bring to the table and to fulfill their lives with, no matter what.