2seat has dropping a great deal of content these past couple weeks. He’s dropped three music videos, collaborating with Ivvyleague and Icyrotten producer outbysixteen, and is currently putting out one of the longest projects he has ever had to date to top it off. Songs like “Uwu” and “wh0” took on a brighter mood than longtime fans were used to; he is not as concerned with lyrical content as much as creating bright summer-friendly melodies and flows that put the listener in a carefree state of mind.

2seat’s new project, Dethn0te, is a departure from his hyperactive and fast-paced tone earlier this summer, instead of detailing the dark side of the artist’s mind and exploring his doubts and struggles for a change. The bleak, forlorn lyrical content here is familiar, but the difference between these tracks and older songs is the more polished grasp on melodies and extended vocal range that he exhibits with his updated sound.

Ghxst produces an impressive, but quieter, the slower backdrop for most of the tape, while Sahara takes the limelight on standout track “Ways” with a beautiful, bouncing beat that sounds like the ascendance of a phoenix — the rise of someone reborn from the ashes after years of trials and tribulations. 2seat ends the hook here in a way that perfectly describes his career trajectory thus far:

Imma go my own way // I don’t need nobody else I’m just gone do my own thing

Dethn0te combines an improvement in melody crafting with the same deeply emotional, hopeless-at-times mood that fans were first  drawn to 2seat for. Listen to the project below.