Maryland’s own EMORYSOFYE continues his hot streak with, “Pillow Talk/Tired of U.” The track features production courtesy of Devstacks and Avery, and serves as another chapter in Emory’s legendary year.

The track begins with a slowed, lo-fi introduction, devoid of any low end frequencies. It introduces the listener to Emory’s bellowing vocals and provides an authentic feel. The song then transitions to reveal the lead melody — a bouncy, ever-shifting arpeggio. Accompanied by the occasional reverse kick and subtle background vocals this effectively builds anticipation for the song’s drop. At the drop, the listener is met with silky 808s, heavily reverberated vocals and the occasional tape stop. All of this contributes towards the track’s constant transposition. 

Emory’s performance throughout the track is emotive and crisp while prioritizing the emotional weight of his delivery over the complexity of his lyrics. Nonetheless, his scripture is succinct and poignant — addressing personal relationships and retail therapy. 

“Pillow Talk/Tired of U,” is another solid installment in Emory’s blossoming discography. With a masterful beat and impassioned vocal performance, the track is perfect for a somber late night car ride. Stream it on SoundCloud below.