As the founder of Neilaworld, FadedBlackid is incredibly influential within the underground. Under his leadership, Neilaworld has accrued a diverse and talented roster, that in many ways, serves as the zeitgeist of underground rap. FBK reaffirms his status with “Jigsaw,” a standout track from his EP, Life Upside Down.

Jigsaw features Kevin Kazi and Lil Turbo, with additional production from Sadbalmain. The track utilizes an ominous two-note lead melody, thunderous 808s, and rattling hi-hats in order to craft an intimidating vibe. Kevin Kazi builds on this by screaming the hook and perfectly accompanying it with a series of reckless, mutinous adlibs. Lil Turbo brings a slick change of pace, utilizing a more laid-back vocal delivery and clever wordplay. Although his verse is brief, its length is perfect, giving the listener the chance to recover from the catchy, rage-inducing hook. 

“Jigsaw,” would be the perfect track to mosh to. Kevin’s potent vocal delivery, accompanied by the track’s daunting lead could bring the rage out of anybody. One can only hope we get even more tracks like this from FBK in the near future.

Listen down below.