The recently formed collective Bloodhounds already has a strong roster of artists, and three of the members; Saturn, Quali, and Chach, joined forces to create an absolute summer banger with “meangirls”.

The instrumental – which was crafted by quali and chach – is lead by a glitchy synth that gives a constant forward march, all while leaving the listener feel uneasy with its dissonance. Atop this lead is a punchy 808, which serves to keep the same energy as the lead while also giving the track a strong danceable rhythm. All the other drums contribute towards this feeling — with the rapid hi-hat rolls and a clap that cuts through the mix just right.

This is where Saturn comes into the mix, with his layered autotune-laced vocals bringing a strong pop tone to the track, subverting that sound with lyrical themes of a less-than-ideal past and loneliness in his life.

Sit with demons all alone // I lost my light, it’s total silence // All my life I’ve been misguided // Been mistreated, you can bite it

All these elements come together to make an amazing track to start off the summer. Check out “meangirls” down below on Soundcloud.