As a rising star within the underground, Hvmmer has had a great 2019. His recent singles “Flexing Realm” and “$nakes Fr” have inspired cosigns from the likes of Lil Turbo and many others. This positive momentum has led to much anticipation for his next move, and this speculation has finally culminated in his debut album, I Wish I Was Dreaming.

The album bears a downtrodden and ominous tone throughout — masterfully balancing the dichotomous relationships Hvmmer has with himself and others. The first half is largely introspective, often addressing self-medication, guilt and personal desires. The album’s intro track “House of Horrors,” – produced by El Greko – perfectly encapsulates all of these themes. This sentiment becomes especially evident given such lyrical excerpts as:

“I could have it all and it still won’t be enough. // How I know you down if you only see me up?”

The album’s fourth track “Who Am I” continues to address these themes, albeit in a more rhetorical fashion. Produced by GeeohhS and XZ, the track features a conglomerate of reverse lead melodies, silky 808s and correspondingly effective drums. It also features a somber, lowkey performance from Hvmmer initially, but steadily changes pace throughout. The lyrics are extremely telling, and conclude with Hvmmer saying: 

“So what do that make me? // I had first started juggin’ back in 2016. // Never thought that I would quit. // That money used to come so easy, I be missing it. // I sit back and reminisce, all the bullets that I dodged and the cases that dismissed. // I’m a lot of things right now, but I just wanna be rich.”

“Unforgiving” – the album’s penultimate track – stands out due to its stellar production and crushing vulnerability. The beat – also produced by XZ – is ethereal, yet uplifting, marking a contrast between the song’s production and lyrics. It addresses feelings of unrequited love and longing, and features one of the catchiest refrains on the album. Hvmmer’s performance is emotive and personable, evoking a keen sense of confusion, regret and insatiability — all of which are recurring themes throughout the album.

I Wish I Was Dreaming marks an exceptionally strong debut for Hvmmer. It reveals his maturity, willingness to experiment and emotional intelligence. The production is spacey, yet controlled to a point, and allows for Hvmmer to express himself to a full extent. Stream it down below.