THANKYOUFINO’s new album Beautiful Flaw is perfectly described by its title.

Within this project, one begins to understand Fino’s hunger to succeed and his acceptance of all the hardships that come while on the road to success. Fino accepts all the pain he’s experienced and the pain he might feel in the future as something that shapes him as a person; it becomes clear that in the long run it leads him to the beautiful life he dreams of.

The album is filled with elegant and infectious melodies throughout the entire project in both the vocals and the productions. An 808’s and Heartbreak vibe is without question felt with the autotune melodies that accompany the vocalized themes of love and synth-focused production. THANKYOUFINO displays his raw talent as he comes up with melodies that infectiously catchy as well as showcasing bars that still have great deal of musical value to them without compromising the technical side of rapping that most lyrical rappers look for.

Arguably the most telling facet of this project is the honesty in Fino’s lyrics. He doesn’t appear to hold back and is an open book entirely, as he speaks on everything about his life from the darkest days to the brightest times. Not everything on this album is emotional though; there are a couple tracks where Fino shows his bravado side speaking on subjects like money and flossing on those that look down on him. Primarily, Fino touches on love and the complexities that follow. He deconstructs his uncertainty regarding women around him and their ability to be loyal, as well as his fast lifestyle that a girl would have to accept. The hustle to reach success is the main focus and THANKYOUFINO intends to stay focused.