You’ve probably seen his name all over Soundcloud for years; Get to know him. Kay P sits down with us and talks about the upcoming Midnight Society album, his favorite anime series, his experiences in Japan, and much more in this exclusive interview.

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 23 and I’m from Hightstown, New Jersey, but I live in LA currently. 

A fan asked: Fame or love?

I’m gonna go with love. Love can be many different things. Love doesn’t have to be a companionship. It can be a I love what I’m doing in life, I love my career sorta thing. I even say in some songs “Fuck the money” and stuff but I mean fuck the fame, I’ll rather have money than fame. Fame just comes with a lot of bullshit, and yeah it can come with money, but money can come without fame. Love can also come without fame, so I’ll take the love over anything. I’ve always wanted to have a large amount of people for just loving me for my art and what I do. Being an artist, that’s what you’re trying to do. Fame can die out easy, love is endless.

Another fan asked: Would you ever collaborate with Tracy?

I fuck with Tracy, if it was available I would definitely do it. 

How did you come up with the song “I GOT BITCHES BUT NOT REALLY” and what was the inspiration behind that?

I really appreciate this question. So I’m from Jersey and I moved to Atlanta when I was 18, and was there for like 2 years. I was with my boy Johnny Gee. Him and I kind of grew up together lowkey. We moved from Atlanta and drove all the way to California, that’s a whole crazy story in itself. I ended up meeting some guy on the way who grew weed out there and we started living in his crib. When he would go out to San Francisco to get weed and shit, I came across these people called Logged In, it was people like Flexshomaru and stuff. This was my first time in California so everything was new to me. I was trying to get shows out there and I ended up opening for Goth Money, Black Kray and Starfoxlaflare in like 2015. First time I did this show in San Francisco, I met this girl. I kind of made the song based off meeting her. It’s called “I got bitches but not really” because I would have girls but not really have girls. I would have girls I talked to on the internet but I really wouldn’t have girls available, so that’s where the title came from. She inspired the opening of the song “Foreign shawty pull up on me at the art show // It was first sight I fell in love with an art hoe”.

You’re in Midnight Society. How did you join the collective? 

So I know Johnny, and he ended up meeting Kamiyada before I met him. I knew Original God way before anybody knew who Original God was, I knew him when he was just making cover art. I met him on Facebook and he made one of my covers. Keanan [Original God] was already in Midnight, and Johnny got in touch with them and added me in the Midnight Society group chat. I wasn’t even in the collective but I was in the group chat with all of them in it. So then I started actually meeting a bunch of them, even though I already knew a lot of them before since I was in the underground scene. We did the first Midnight Society show in LA and I performed there. Sometime after that Kami asked me and Braxton Knight if we wanted to join them. We both always played PS4 with Kami every night and he was like “Well we’re friends and we make music so fuck it, just join Midnight Society”. And that’s how it came to be.

Sweet. I hear you guys are going to release a Midnight Society album too?

Yeah, it’s crazy. It was hell over here. We had like 20 people in the house trying to work on this album, it was insane. The AC broke for like 3 days, so the house was like 100 degrees with 20 people in it. We started working on it, it’s going pretty good.

When do you think it’s going to come out?

We want to make it really good, so it’s probably gonna take another year before it comes out. I really don’t know. It’s hard because there’s so many of us, even the people that came wasn’t even the whole group, and getting them here was difficult in itself. So I can only imagine trying to finish and finalizing it. I have high hopes for it, and it’s really crazy to me because it’s not often we can get that many people in a collective all around the world and get them to work together in person. I’m just really grateful for all my friends in it, that shit’s lit. 

Any features on it? 

I think it’s just going to be Midnight, not sure yet. 

What was the proudest moment in your life that music has given you?

Definitely performing in Japan. That was my ultimate dream come true. I didn’t even have to perform. If it wasn’t for music I probably would have went there one day, but because I went there for music, that’s just like “Wow”. Nothing is going to top that for a long time. That was probably the best 2 weeks of my life.

How are the audiences in Japan? 

Amazing. They show so much love. Just crazy, the energy, love and interaction was there. 

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you in Japan? 

I don’t even think this is a weird thing but it’s the first thing that popped into my head. So we’re walking, minding our business, and this car pulls out of this alleyway, so we can’t cross the street because they’re blocking it. The dude opens the door, throws up, looks at us, and drives off. We were like what the fuck? Another story is we were walking like in Shibuya or something, around bars. There were like 3 different people in 3 different bars in the same strip just throwing up. I was like damn people really out here getting fucked up because it’s a 24 hour liquor. It was weird. 

Favorite thing to do there? 

I love shopping there, the fashion is amazing. I’ve seen babies and old men dripped out. One of my favorite things we did out there was we went to this arcade and we did zombie VR.

How do you feel about the current underground scene? 

I don’t know if people have noticed or not but I’ve been making music for a really long time. I’ve really seen the underground from the beginning. I really feel like there’s not much of an underground as there used to be. Once some artists were going to the mainstream route, that’s when the underground kind of got merged with it and now it’s a bunch of fuckery. I feel like the underground 2-3 years ago was more tight knit, now it’s like a Battle Royale now.

So you miss the old underground? 

I wouldn’t say I miss it because everything has to change and evolve. There’s nothing I can do to stop it. I wouldn’t want to stop it, I love seeing stuff change. Me personally, I’m able to evolve, so it doesn’t really bother me. But there is a lot of trash and bullshit but everything has its own market, but I’m just worried how I market myself. As long as I can do what I love to do and make a living out of it, that’s all that matters. I got love for the underground.

Who would you like to work with next? 

If I could work with Famous Dex, that would be awesome. I really like him. He definitely inspires a lot of my energy. Rico Nasty too, I love her. Lil Tracy obviously.

Any advice for people who want to make music? 

Biggest thing, be yourself. I was born in a small town, I wasn’t from a city or anything so I didn’t have support. I made everything from the ground up out of nothing, I was only able to do that with traveling and networking with people online. Networking has mainly helped me. I’ve been in several different collectives over the years just constantly working with people. Stick true to yourself and what you love and what you want to convey out there, just be an artist. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or reach out to people, you will find somebody. There are good people who want to help. I was literally on Facebook following mad people who liked the same thing as me and when I would send them my music it would just go from there.

Favorite manga/anime? 

I grew up on Naruto. Berserk is definitely one of my top favorites, the manga though. The anime is hard but the manga is harder. Spirited Away was probably the movie that changed my life, along with Akira. I like Hayao Miyazaki movies a lot. 

You play any video games? 

I’ll get on something and binge it and then it’s like dead after that. I play Playstation games and stuff like that, not really any mobile games. One of my favorite games is this JRPG called Shin Megami Tensei (Persona). I’m trying to get a Nintendo Switch for the new Pokemon game though. 

Here’s a controversial question. What was up with the blacklist thing regarding XXXTentacion? 

Well it’s dead, rest in peace X. I don’t have any issues with him. A lot of people don’t understand what was going on at that time. All I gotta say is, I see the world in two different ways; the physical reality and spiritual things. Whatever happens is said and done, it’s over. There’s no blacklist, it’s over. That’s all I gotta say.

Any future plans? 

Right now I have a project that I’ve been working on for a while now called One Eyed King. It’s basically from a manga/anime called Tokyo Ghoul. It represents me as a human trying to unite everyone together. Kaneki in the series tries to get the ghouls and humans to be at peace and be one, so he’s the one eyed king representing the ghouls and the human side trying to be one. So it’s basically my rendition of my own. I’m just trying to take the underground and do it and go up. I’m just dropping my hardest shit and trying to mix in with my best artistry in this since people want to hear more emotional shit from me too. I wanna start doing more in depth visuals to my songs too. We just trying to go up. I’m definitely going to need people to tune in. 


Shout-out my boy Johnny Gee. Shout-out Midnight Society, my boy Kami, Bambi, Braxton, Original God, Dutch, there’s just so many people, you know who you are. Shout-out my fans, my mom for giving birth to a real guy, and shout-out Underground Vampire Club for this interview.