At the moment, we’re seeing a number of different creatives gain traction on SoundCloud. But there’s not many young creatives on the level Kaixan is. With songs like “bands!” and “bag!” gaining thousands of plays, Kaixan is someone you need on your radar.

First off for the people who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

I’m Kaixan, I’m from the San Gabriel Valley in California. I’m turning 18 years old on July 30th and I like to have fun just making music on SoundCloud with my friends.

Do you come from a musical background or were you interested in music at an early age?

I never really had a musical background but I used to write poems and lyrics a lot in my early high school years. Eventually, that led to me freestyling at my friends house every now and then. I used to focus more on lyrical content over boom bap beats. Now I just have fun making whatever music I want to and I’m glad people enjoy it too.

How’d you get into the underground scene? Any specific musicians get you into it?

I got into the underground scene after being influenced by artists like XXXTENTACION, Duwap Kaine, Lil Tracy, and Xavier Wulf who used to make some of my favorite music. The sounds they had back then made me want to try out music myself since it seemed like something that was fun. I’ve always messed around with stuff on my laptop. I used to make graphic designs and YouTube videos but now I’m sticking to just rapping and it makes me happy knowing that other people fuck with my music as much as I do.

Your oldest track on your SoundCloud is about one year old. Did you make music before that, or would you consider yourself pretty new to this?

I started making music in mid 2017 but most of my old songs are gone since the quality wasn’t good because they were all done on Audacity and voice memos on my phone with little to no mixing. The oldest song you can find by me is on the Kuso Kollective page called “When I Call” and I guess it technically is the first song I dropped under the name Kaixan since I used to go by another name before that. I’ve only been making music for about two years so if you consider that new then I’m pretty new to SoundCloud.

Who are the biggest influences to your style?

The biggest influences on my style right now are probably just my other friends that also make music since they help me explore new things and try out different genres. Amongst my friends, Gravehours and Kite have helped me with my own style as well as the producers AlexxFoess and Dante who’s beats make me want to continue making music.

You seem to find yourself on plug production a decent amount. Does anything drive you towards that sound of rap specifically? Any producers in that field you’d work with given the opportunity?

Plug music just happens to be the style of music. I have the most fun making since the style is relatively simple yet sounds nice to listen to. If I could work with anyone I’d try to work with Rob Surreal, MexikoDro, or XanGang on some tracks.

What is Kuso Kollective? What’s the background behind that and who’s in it?

Kuso Kollective is a rap collective that I created alongside Prettyboyheartthrob and it was when I created this group that I started to make music under the name “Kaixan”. The original plan for this group was just to have fun making anime type music that other people could listen to but it’s become a bit more than that now. Our members right now, including me, Kite, Puritybby, C2D, Prettyboyheartthrob, and Kokyu. Lil Shine used to be a part of our group back when we made group tracks. Since then though I’ve stopped releasing those because of how hectic it gets trying to fit 6+ people on a song without it getting too long. Even though our roster seems big our group is relatively inactive as it’s just me, Kite, and Puritybby working on stuff right now. We’ve been looking for new members as of late.

You recently made a Latin song that was well received by your supporters. Are you looking to expand into that field of music more moving forward?

I mean I had fun making that song and if my fans like it then I have no problem making more Latin music. Ideally I’m tryna work with Bad Bunny in the future.

It seems between songs like “jugg!” and “TimeZone” you have more personal tracks like “Let Go”. How do those songs come together for you?

I made “Let Go” based off of some bullshit my friend was going through. I mean, going through life you start to realize that you can’t afford to get caught up in some temporary emotions. If a girl or a guy really wanted to be with you then they’d stay with you otherwise you have to take the initiative and leave that toxic relationship yourself. I know it sounds like my breakdown of that song is bullshit because of the simple lyrics but that’s what I genuinely believe.

Given the opportunity, any artists you would like to work with? Big or small.

I’d like to work with Lil Tracy, Isaiah, Nani, Playboi Carti, or Rushhy Bandxz.

Although you might not consider yourself an underground veteran, you’ve definitely been in the scene for a minute. Any complaints with the scene you’d like to see changed on your end?

If anything I just hate people acting entitled whenever they hit my dms. I’m a nice person but I don’t want to talk to people that act like they deserve to get free stuff from me when they’re not my friend. I’m just trying to make music for people to like and if you wanna work with me you gotta talk prices with me. I always work with budgets so money doesn’t have to be an issue as long as you deliver.

Some people argue that the underground is dying or is stale at the moment. What’s your take on that personally?

The underground will never die anybody that says so is just looking in the wrong places. New artists come out everyday and the underground scene changes constantly in style which is why it can’t go stale.

What drives you personally as a creative? Do you just enjoy making music, or is there something you’re trying to reach overall?

I make music because it’s the only creative outlet I have left. I have fun doing it and I’m not letting anyone take it away from me. Ideally I just want to make people feel better about themselves and if I can do that on a wider scale by expanding my audience then I’d be happy too knowing my impact. As cliche as it sounds, you can’t let dumbasses from high school judge you for what you do. Most of the artists in the underground have their own stories of people clowning them in school. It’s sad that people get pushed down for being creative but that’s just the way it is. We’ll all make it out and prove them wrong eventually.

Is there any projects on the way this your audience can expect?

As far as projects go, I don’t have any plans on a big solo project aside from my individual tracks that I frequently drop. But I do have a collaborative EP dropping with my friend Gravehours soon. I’m also trying out new styles of music and hoping on sharing that with my supporters soon.

Outside of music, what hobbies do you enjoy personally?

Outside of music I usually just skate or play video games like Minecraft, Borderlands, L4D2, and COD. I’ve started streaming on Twitch recently too so if you want to see me mess around while playing my username is @kaixan.

You seem to be fond of anime as demonstrated by the covers of your tracks on SoundCloud alone. What’s your favorite anime and why?

Honestly it’s hard for me to pick a favorite anime but my top five are Toradora, Angel Beats, Hunter x Hunter, Mirai Nikki, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. If I had to pick I’d probably say NGE because of the art style, characters, expansive plot, and the whole hedgehog dilemma idea. As much of a pussy Shinji is I can really relate to him sometimes.

Lastly, any shoutouts and anything you want to say to your supporters?

Shoutout to everyone at Kuso for being some of my first friends on SoundCloud. Also shoutout Mankar and everybody that got me added on Discord. Shoutout Gravehours and Abbot too for getting me through a lot of shit and for being supportive of me. Expect some music with them in the near future. Thanks to all my supporters also for showing tons of love on everything I do. Without them I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have. I hope this is just the beginning.