At only 18 years old, Yung Griffin is already making his dreams come true. From working with Lil Hawk Boy to Teddy.xoxoxo, Yung Griffin opens up to us about his project “slowpoke”, how he got started with music at such a young age, and much more. 

How old are you and where are you from? 

I’m 18 and I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but in 2005 a hurricane came through so I moved to Alabama and I’ve been living here ever since. 

You’re pretty young. How long have you been making music? 

I actually just turned 18. When I was 8 I was playing the drums and stuff because I had a step dad that played it and he bought me a drum set. In middle school, I was in band. When I started recording music was probably like 8th grade or freshman year, [so] when I was like 14-15. I was just recording stupid shit. I started taking it seriously for real in 2016, temporxry found me and started mixing my stuff for me so when I saw other people were invested in my music it made me wanna take it more seriously because he came at me like a friend.

Explain to me your project “slowpoke”. Why is it called that, what was the inspiration behind it? 

I was just making random singles. I spent like a week really making 20 songs that I was really proud of and just slim them down. I think the project was like 5 and taking 2 off and now there’s 3 on there. I’m gonna just dropping the rest of them as singles or as a side project. Also, the name “slowpoke” was just an interesting name to me. I like the sound of it. 

So you have more songs to release from it? When are you going to release those?

Yea I made like 20, [and] there’s 3 on the project. I’m not really sure honestly. I’ll just wake up and be like “I’m [dropping] a song”. Releasing music and stuff like that is just a day to day basic. Whenever I listen to a song 20 times in a row and think it’s really good, that’s when I drop a song. 

I see you have also worked with Lil Hawk Boy, how was that? 

I was listening to Staryu one day. After you listen to all of a person’s song from their profile and just let it play, it goes to suggested plays. One of the songs was from young mess and I really liked it. I found his Instagram and I direct messaged him and asked him to work with me. He really liked my music too and worked with me for no charge. He linked me with Hawk and showed him my music and shit like that, it was [all] by word [of mouth] basically. 

That’s tight. I see you worked with Teddy.xoxoxo too. How about that? 

Teddy’s so fye. I met him through the whole DXD thing and we met in person in Chicago when we had a show together last year. We have a song together called “Distances” and I won’t lie, it’s pretty fire. 

Oh cool, how was that Chicago show? Who hosted it? 

Underground Underdogs hosted it. It was both of our first shows, so it was kind of awkward because we didn’t have any stage presence. It was great, and it was a lot of fun. We stayed in this Airbnb and ended up chilling with Jack Angell and Local Zero together after. 

Who’s somebody you want to work with in the future, dead or alive?

I would have loved to work with Amy Winehouse, I’ve been digging her recently. Young Thug would be really cool too. I’ve been fucking with Lil Yachty since like 2015, before he got signed and dropped Lil Boat. He inspired the style that was getting me exposure. That would be a dream come true. Soundcloud wise, I would love to work with Curtis Waters, jakkyboi has really good beats. Would love to work with Roland, Tommy Ice, or Kevin Kazi. Also in general, Owl City would be a dream too. 

Outside of music, what do you do? 

Smoke weed. Honestly it’s just weed and music. 

What do your friends think about your music and your ambitions for it? 

They all be mad hyping me up. One of my friends plays my music in the car and always tells them “This is yung griffin playing”. 

What about your parents? 

My mom is the most supportive person in the world. I hear so many stories of people’s parents not supporting their music or art at all, but my mom wholeheartedly trusts me with my ideas and dreams of music. She let me at 17 years old fly across the country to California to do a show with people I’ve never met before because she said she knows this is gonna work out for me. I flew to Chicago and California and my brother and friend drove me to Atlanta the first 2 times. 

What’s the most favorite song that you made, a song that your really proud of making? 

I think “hopefully” and “when i’m older” is really good. Leandoer and Overdose too. But honestly I’m really the most proud of hopefully and when i’m older. 

Is it because they’re really meaningful or what? 

This is gonna sound really lame but I feel like those songs evoke a lot of emotions and are catchy. They’re cool to listen to but don’t sound like an average ass song. 

Any shoutouts? 

Shoutout to my friends Mary, Nathan, Dre, Jakob, Devon, Teddy.xoxoxo, Turk and Ben, Sherrf, Jcam, fucking Staryu, 33life, Blakky Tom, temporxry, and so much more. But most importantly, shoutout to my Mom for real, and to my brothers Brenden and Cullen. Those 2 are both very meaningful to me and both shape me as a person and I love both of them dearly. 

Yung Griffin has a new album on the way soon, but for now you can listen to his latest song “old jeans”: