With many record labels and collectives rising so often in Portland, Oregon, it’s easy to overlook some genuinely talented groups. Seeing names such as Hellscape, Hellhound Militia, and Sleepfailure are some examples of the bigger, more well-known groups currently residing in the heart of the city. One group however is definitely not getting the credit they deserve and that is TMCUW. I had the opportunity to sit down with the founder and ask him about his label.

I really appreciate you sitting down with us and taking the time to do this interview. So, let’s start with the basics. What is TMCUW and who are the members?

“We are The Most Commplexx Unison Wave. Founded by Commplexx (Isaiah Brown), TMCUW is a music label that aspires to find and keep the balance of our comfortable style of music and true versatility. It started out as a group idea towards the end of 2017, and is now growing its way into a movement that brings all artist together no matter the genre. So far we have T-Shift, Liik, Kid K, and Commplexx using their evolving life stories to produce relatable vibes.”

I love how well you described your label. It gives me a better idea of what you are all about. Tell me, what genre would each member be classified as? And as a founder of TMCUW, how do you think your collective has pushed you to become a better artist?

“Thank you and as far as genres go I believe there are many sub genres in each main genre, and each member has a specialization in a certain sub genre in hip hop. I would say T-Shift and K!D K are hard hood hip hop artists. Liik is a mixture of vibey hard hip hop. And I’m a melodic artist. Versatility was the main thing I wanted to instill in the artists I bring to TMCUW, so we prioritize that when it comes to making tracks allowing us to provide different vibes.”

That’s a really interesting view on TMCUW. Now, being really rooted in the Portland underground scene, your label seems to be a bit less known compared to other collectives and record labels around. How do you and the other members plan to push the label as the next group to blow up? What’s your plan with it?

“By reaching out more. I’m a bit of an introvert so it is hard sometimes to make the right connections. Rising the advertisement of our music on our social media’s as-well as promoters and other independent artist social media’s because we can’t lie and say that social media hasn’t taken over this generation. Also we plan on putting out more music on all platforms because the main issue we get with a lot people who like our music is that they don’t use SoundCloud. Prioritizing our income to invest more into our budgets for videos, promoting, and touring is another big focus for us. I’m focusing on ensuring that my team take the steps we have set, one by one, to keep us grounded and not feeling like they need to be focused on a million and one things at the same time because that’s my job.”

You definitely seem like a leader for your label. Someone who knows what needs to be done and helps provide for your artists with you. You say you want to prioritize your income to go into TMCUW and provide higher quality content. Do you already put in much money to the label? If so, what was it that you have invested in for this vision?

“So far throughout the two years of startling this label I’ve put in a little over $2000 which was invested into old merchandise, music promotions, fees to put our music on all music platforms, studio time, shows, and our new addition of TMCUW bags.”

That’s incredible and shows your dedication to this label 100%. It’s really mind blowing how truly talented you guys are yet have a small following. Going back to talking about the members more specifically. I know running a label comes with that responsibility of investing and overseeing all the extremely important projects. But it also comes with knowing how you all work well together and why what you’re doing works. How is it that you all work so well together and in so many different types of projects? What makes you guys mix and sound so well?

“With the artists I bring to TMCUW, I first test how versatile they are and how well they vibe with others to ensure what we see as the best mixture of ourselves in each track, plus a certain artist is featured in. We are all also the best of friends outside of the music. I don’t want any artist to feel like their vision isn’t acknowledged and I also believe it’s very important to be well acquainted with anyone I work with.” 

That’s interesting. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you test how versatile artists are before letting them in?

“After seeing what they’ve done on their own as an artist to develop their craft, I enjoy freestyling together. Just to see where their head is when it comes to making music.”

That’s a really interesting way to get in a label. I like what you’re doing with TMCUW and what each member has been bringing to each track. I just have one last question for you, and that is, do you have any projects you or the other members are working on that you could maybe tell us early about? Could be any upcoming music videos or any EP’s, etc. 

“Thank you for noticing the grind it truly means a lot. We’re currently working on our next team album which will be called “The 2nd Development”. K!D K is working on his own ep as well. As for myself, there will be a good amount of singles from our upcoming album posted because we definitely plan to squeeze a lot more songs in this one.”

I look forward to hearing it all, and I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule for this.

“I appreciate you giving us this opportunity.”