My interest was piqued when I first heard the grimy, nuanced bars and DMV flow, contrasted with over-enunciation by this nondescript Caucasian teen. It didn’t strike me in a way that most musical Trillers do, where I find myself just exhaling through my nose and moving on with my day: This was compelling. There was an aura of craftsmanship and just enough tongue-in-cheek tone to this artist’s entire being that I was sold almost immediately. Since99 is a hot commodity as of late, consistently dropping music and collabing with notable underground names– producer dontsleep being one of these names. I asked Since99 a series of questions, and his answers vary in levels of whimsy and passion, a combination that fits Since99 really well. This combo lends itself into creating an artist that transcends expectations. Take a look. 

First things first, who are you? Where are you from? Can you tell us what it is you do?

My name is Since99, formerly known by some as Curvedsince99. I’m a 19 year old artist out of Ann Arbor Michigan, which is a college town about 45 minutes outside of Detroit.

I would believe it’s fair to say that anyone with a semblance of interest in this scene can say “Oh yeah, I definitely know that guy”. I’d be as bold to follow that up with saying anyone can confidently understand the quote “I just poured a four in my strawberry Brisk”. How do you respond to such a big reception to a Triller out of all the things you’ve made so far?

It’s crazy. After I recorded the Triller and posted it, I expected it to get a little bit of traction, but a few days later I’m looking at 90,000 views, over 1k likes, and mfs in my comment section saying I sound like a professor. Life comes at you fast. 

Even prior to EA, you’ve had significantly fire tracks under your belt so it’s easy to see you have had a knack for this type of sound and energy. When and why did you decide to make music at all? 

Around like my junior year of high school, one of my friends and I decided to download this app called Rapchat. It’s essentially just an app where you can choose free beats that random producers put up, and you rap over the beats while you have your headphones on. My earliest work on there was goofy as hell, I was trying to be on that Lil 4skin/Ugly god wave. But, what I found out through messing around was that I could actually rap. From there, I copped the necessary stuff to actually record and I just went from there.

Why originally “CurvedSince99”?

Around this time I was trying to think of a new username on instagram and I couldn’t think of anything, but I wanted it to be something that stuck with people. Then I remembered that I had recently been curved by this girl that went to my school via the snapchat dms. Perfect. Curvedsince99 was born.

You name drop artists like MF Doom and Slick Rick as well as wield a prominent DMV flow. I would even say at certain times your vocals reflect the sound of artists like Shock G or even Ski Mask. What artists inspire this mixing bowl of sounds and aesthetics?

Slimesito, Wintertime, Ski Mask, Larry League, Xanman, Outkast, Tyler the Creator, and Young Thug. I have more but these are pretty much the main ones.

What is it about your music that you want people to take away? To you is it like telling a story and playing a character? Is it an energy you wish to evoke? Maybe even pay homage? What is it that makes you want to build and influence an audience?

I feel like my music is a double edged sword. I want people to listen to my music and cry of laughter, but while they’re wiping away the tears they can’t help but make a stank face and bob their head. People need to start having more fun with their music, and I want my audience to be influenced by that.

What advice would you give for someone wanting to pursue something that could very well blow them up in a matter of time?

First, work on your craft. You’re not going to get anywhere if you’re music isn’t good. Next, Use social media. Posting Trillers, or videos of you doing wild shit will help your popularity a lot. Last but definitely not least, get your money up. All it takes is like $10-20 to get a repost from some of these underground artists, (including me, dm if you tryna cop) and if your content is good, they’ll keep you in mind and start spreading your name around. When I was trying to gain more exposure, I remember sliding Kevin Kazi a cool $15 to repost one of my songs. Money is key in gaining recognition, and once you gain that recognition, the connections will start to fall into place as a result.

What would you consider to be, if any, an obstacle of yours throughout all this? Was the Home Depot interview just the start or does it pale in comparison to other integral moments?

In general I haven’t really had any obstacles. My shifts at Home Depot aren’t even that bad so I have plenty of time to make music still. It’s just a summer job before I go back to school this fall. Sophomore year might drag me down though, we’ll see.

Now that you’ve gained traction and have begun to grow, consistently drop music, and interact with your following more, what is your goal with this newly fostered platform? Has it always been this goal?

Doing collabs with some of my favorite artists and producers, doing shows, and just meeting new people. I also want to start being able to make a living off of my music, that’s been my dream for a while now. 

What is your ideal endgame that you look toward to, say like 20 years from now?

Being a father of 3 and living in a spacious suburban home with a fridge stocked full of Calypso peach lemonade and strawberry Brisk. 

Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to my mom, steve irwin, my fans, yung spook and cartierbrokebaby, my aboriginal friends dontsleep and jvles, austin skinner and linus, pbc, bigbabygucci, xanman for making “pink”, taymasterchef, and basednas. There’s more but I’m tired of typing. Good night

Make sure you follow Since99 on Twitter and stream his music on SoundCloud.