Summer is in full effect and the 0d (a.k.a. 0verdose) collective is taking advantage of it with a string of music videos, short visuals, and new music. “miTE”, one of their latest offerings, shows signs of growth as 2seat teams up with long-time collaborator SAVEHER on this bass-heavy auto tune anthem.

The elusive collective’s music generally preferred a rougher, more distorted sound in the past, which meshed well with the drugged-out atmosphere on many of their tracks. This time, however, “miTE” has more clarity than ever, allowing 2seat’s charismatic vocal performance to bask in the limelight. SAVEHER is phenomenal as always with his production work, absolutely destroying the 808s on this song. Collaborator kiddie2k definitely delivered on this standout as well, and he’s one to keep an eye on – scroll through his Twitter and you’ll find that he has production credits on Tommy Ice’s latest project.

The added clarity paired with a more-upbeat-than-usual 2seat signals that 0d is ready to level up as a collective, moving towards a sound that’s more palatable to the mainstream than before. If there’s one collective you should be keeping your eyes on, it’s this one. Underground veterans 2seat and SAVEHER have honed their production skills diligently enough to be competitive in comparison to the most popular artists out there right now, and their grasp on beautiful melodies are only improving.

Listen to “miTE” below.

IG: @2seat, @d.e.n.y, @kiddie2k

Twitter: @2seat_, @sveher, @kiddie2k