When it comes down to it, Kane Grocerys is the embodiment of an underground legend. From being a part of the iconic Goth Money Records label to working with several underground favorites, we caught up with the young artist.

First off, for the people who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

YSB OG aka Kane Grocerys from Chicago/Los Angeles the only one dat can say dat. And I am an artist and a business man.

How’d you get into your field of music and when did Goth Money Records come into the picture?

My papa passed away in 2012 so after that I knew after having no solid male figures in my life I had to be the one to do it for my family. Goth Money came into the picture 2012 and officially started 2013.

How’d you meet Black Kray and the rest of Goth Money Records originally?

Crazy as it sounds we already knew about each other via the internet. We messaged each other and he told me he was coming to LA so I said link when you touch down. Every since then 2013 that’s when we officially created Goth Money and met up and then met the rest of the gang in New York.

Who were some of your early influences with your music? You have a pretty dark aura to your music which accompanies Goth Money Record’s aesthetics really well. Is that something that just happened early on or were you listening to other musicians at the time which inspired that?

Honestly my influence came from my family and peers around me. Of course I love 90s real rap and the early days of rock and punk as well as metal so you could say that. No rapper influenced me though as much as NWA, Bone Thugs, Tupac, and the Chicago music scene back in the early days.

In terms of collaborations, you have arguably one of the most unique discographies in the underground. You’ve worked with the likes of Shoreline Mafia, Lil Tracy, Bladee, UnoTheActivist, and the list goes on. How did songs with the likes of Shoreline Mafia and Bladee come along and who are some of your favorite artists or producers you’ve worked with outside of Goth Money? With that being said, anyone you’d like to work with in the future you haven’t yet?

Yeah, all those came about because these are people who admire me as an artist and being the real genuine person I am I considered working with them because the world needed it. Also we were all friends before the rap shit so it was cool. I would love to work with the people I grew up listening to and of course a few new artists I fuck with. Not that many but yeah.

I feel. Essentially you come from the era of SoundCloud and internet rap in general before major labels found it profitable in a sense. What’s it like seeing the scene evolve the way it has? What was it back in the day for you?

I mean, if you ask me I am one of the top five artists who are the pioneers of SoundCloud. So I mean it’s cool to see everyone catching on and hopping on da wave. Back in the day all you had was YouTube and LimeWire you know? I mean as a start we also used Bandcamp but SoundCloud is definitely where it’s at.

Do you have any complaints with the current wave of artists making it big right now on SoundCloud? Anything you want to see changed?

No complaints just would tell them to say happy Father’s Day to the YngxOG lol.

You’ve recently dropped your Greazy Glime Volume 1 project this year. Can fans expect anything else big in the works for this year?

Hell yeah more visuals. I also got probably one or two more projects before the year over too so stay tuned.

What’s your advice to artists trying to find their place in the scene right now?

My only advice is to follow your heart. Know right from wrong and don’t listen to anyone who aint doing more or got more than you. Everyone gonna wanna be you and try to tell you how to do things but always go with your first instincts and never let nobody knock u off your pivot.

It’s not gonna be easy but just remember when you put blood, sweat and tears into this shit everything will come full circle and hard work definitely pays off.

You definitely have the right attitude and mindset. Outside of Goth Money who do you listen to? Like any rappers in the scene right now?

I fuck with Kodak Black, Polo G, Lil Baby, G Herbo, And GT from Detroit.

Any hobbies outside of music or is music your full-time priority?

Music is my life but i definitely love weed, video games, basketball, and cooking sometimes lol.

I like that energy. Any particular dish you like cooking?

I cant give out the recipe man you gotta tune into the Chef YSB cooking show real soon.

You’re gonna give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money. Lastly, any shout-outs or words of wisdom you’d like to share?

Gordon Ramsay gonna fuck with me he’s the great.

You can find Kane Grocerys’ newest project Greazy Glime Volume 1 below.