If you’ve been in the underground for any amount of time, you are sure to have stumbled across a track with Prod. Callari on it. Whether it be from the likes of Lil Tracy, David Shawty, and now breaking into the mainstream with his record with Polo G, he is hard to miss. The Brooklyn native turned Florida producer talks to us about how he started producing, some of his future endeavors, his time with NEILAWORLD, and his favorites from the Florida scene.

For the people who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Angelo Callari, most know me just by callari. Im from brooklyn new york but i live in west palm beach florida right now. Im 21 years old, want a gf and i am a full time producer.

How did you getting into producing?

I was going to college full time for business marketing. Crazy too, cuz I had a full ride to any college of my choice due to my high school grades. I graduated like top 10, all that extra shit. But there was this dude on the train I used to take and I can hear him making beats. So I asked for the program name and been using it ever since then, so about 2-3 years now.

Why did you choose production over something like rapping or mixing?

Rap is cool, but i could never see myself in the spotlight like that. Ive tried it a couple times, its fun and shit, but its just not me. Mixing is way too technical for me, so i never got into that. Production just lets me express myself enough, while just fucking around and having fun. I also can try any genre and just be able to make music with whoever i want a the end of the day.

What are some of your inspirations for starting music?

Tbh the first artists i listened to where i was like damn i need to make something like this, was Syringe and Lucki. Both of them really inspired me to produce. Producer wise, it was people like Misogi, Ginseng and Trbld Boy who really made me wanna make shit. Its crazy because i never even made shit like that, but that sound has always been something ive loved.

You are heavily invested in the local Florida scene, what are some of your favorite small acts from the scene?

Out of the Florida local scene. My favs are Lord Len and Brickboydior. Both of them started off as friends and then we went on to make music together. On god, yall finna hear about them soon.

How is it to produce for the smaller acts vs producing for some of the larger people in SoundCloud scene like David Shawty, Lucki and Coldhart?

To me personally, its just about how much i fw the artist. I start off as a fan of these artists, no matter how big or small, so its crazy for them to hop on some of my shit. Most of these artists i build relations with so now its just working with friends. Either way that shit is still fye to me.

You are in one of the underground’s most noticeable collectives, NEILAWORLD. How did you end up joining it, and what is your favorite part of being in it?

I’ve been wanting to join since the first goddamn day. To me, most other collectives have one sound that they great in, but Neila was the most versatile overall, plus it had some of my close friends in it who are now my brothers. Literally I would ask to join all the fucking time lol, and i would tweet bout them. But they basically recruited me how they do it all the time, tweet out who wanna join, pick a couple they fw, and then speak as a group as to who they wanna add. Me, Ginseng, Slight and Lukrative joined the same day.

Best part of being in Neila is how we always link up and spend like 2-3 weeks out in NY, LA wherever. Shit just feels like hanging out with ur friends and shit, but then at the end of the trip, we see how many moves we made while on it, and most of the time 100s of beats. They really my brothers and its Neila for life.

Recently you’ve gotten yourself some mainstream success with Polo G. How did that come about?

Really its all because of 1040. My manager Adrian hit me up and said that Youngboys a&r hit him up saying they needed beats so I called 1040, and he called dmajor, and we linked at our local studio cooking up packs. When 1040 went to LA recently, he linked with someone from Warner Chapel , who sent the beat out for us and next thing u know i just get tagged in the snippet on Polo‘s page. Was a crazy feeling. The song already at 10M views.

Here is a small taste of Callari’s discography.

That’s insane and so glad you are getting the credit you deserve! I want to chnage the subject a bit and ask you about some more personal questions about your production and tastes for the underground.

Who is your favorite person to work with?

Damn, this question hard as a bitch cuz i really like working with a bunch of artists. So imma just give u a top 5 artists and producers. David Shawty, Tracy, lucki, poorstacy, and Kevin Kazi. Producers wise, Ginseng, Lukrative, skress, 1040 and basically all of neila.

What is your favorite song that you have done?

Damn hard ass questions. Imma just pick one for this one because I broke the rules for last one so imma go with When it Rains it Pours (or the japanese titled one) by Tracy. Or the unreleased one we got on Anarchy 😀

What is your favorite part of the producing process?

Just starting from a blank slate and just making sounds come out of a computer, that match perfectly with what i got in my head. Ive made 1000s of beats, and i still get happy when i get shit to sound good and it always feels that way.

What are some dream collabs for you?

FUTURE. Future deadass my dream collab and I know eventually ill get something with him one day. Thug, Chief Keef, Uzi, Carti and Drake. As for producers, Southside, CuBeatz, Frank Dukes, and Wheezy. These are all the people who inspire me soundwise so to be able to work with anyone here would feel amazing.

What is your end goal with music or is there even an end goal for you?

I just wanna make music thats gonna last forever, and be able to make sure that my family now, and in the future will be able to live there life with no worries.

What’s something that a lot of people don’t know about you?

99.9% of my twitter gf shit is all troll, never had monitors, most of my shit made on audio technicas’, I’m actually a super big ass nerd, I got like a 2.45 kd on cod. Uhhhh, and I also play football and hoop. Nothing too special.

As we’re wrapping this up do you want to give anyone any shoutouts?

NEILA FUCKING WORLD. Shoutout everyone in there. Shoutout Adrian and everyone else at Nonstop, yall the greatest managers ever. Shoutout my lawyer. Shout out 1040, and everyone over at Onbeat, Nick, Dmajor all of yall. Shoutout keyworld too yall the boys. And shoutout my imaginary girlfriend ily baby