Seven returns to take SoundCloud by storm with “Steps Of The Lost,” a gritty and atmospheric track over a beautiful beat produced by fellow Hidden Jewels member, negative. The track followed their 2-month-old collaboration “Between Life and Death,” the first collaboration song to drop in over a year for Hidden Jewels. 

The beat uses a sample from the Samurai Champloo Soundtrack by late Japanese producer Nujabes, considered to be one of the fathers of the modern lo-fi hip hop. Its lead by a beautiful flute sound and is backed by some soft strings to give the track a very calm and mellow mood. From there, the drums make their way into the mix, giving the song a new dimension of energy with the rapid-fire hi-hats and sub-heavy 808s.

Atop this beat is where we find the samurai Seven spitting bars about staying secluded and getting high, mainly because he can’t trust anyone who isn’t in his inner circle:

Tell me what it mean // To be the last watching the sea // I can’t give a fuck about no one except for me // And this blunt Ima light, I been high for a week

Part of what makes his music so captivating is his deep, textured voice that cuts through the mix at an extremely consistent pace–hooking you in for the rest of the track.

Both Seven and negative are still killing it, even with their style slowly fading from the underground. This track is a perfect example of how they’re staying relevant. With its gritty vocals and hard hitting instrumental, they are still breathing fresh air into the scene. Listen to “Steps Of The Lost” on SoundCloud below.